McIntosh Labs • MC75 Mono Amplifiers $7500 per pair Review

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“I began my listening with the MC75s connected to a pair of Altec Valencias that are on long-term loan from a local audio buddy. As expected, the very efficient Valencias proved to be no challenge for the MC75s, and they appreciated the extra power on tap. There was a definite break-in period for the amps of at least 100 hours. At first listen, the treble was attenuated, closed in and hooded. Changes to interconnects and speaker cables didn’t change the sound much, so I just let the amps settle in for the first couple of weeks. After break-in, I did swap the supplied power cords for a pair of Shunyata Zi-Tron Sigmas, and there was slightly improved lower treble, so I left them in the system for the rest of the listening period. Once broken in, the MC75s usually needed between 15 and 30 minutes of warm-up time to sound their best, so consider that if you are in a store for an audition.”


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