Allnic Audio • M-3000 Mk 2 Mono Amplifiers $17,900 Review

October 15, 2018 § Leave a comment

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“The existence of a coherent field of micro detail manifests both as an ambient field in the mids and higher ranges and also as low-frequency ambience. Ambience is usually a property of the high frequencies; here, we distinctly had it in the bass. Imagine that — bass ambience. Normally, a really full bass foundation means you are listening to a solid-state amp, which also usually means there’s a little muddiness or a one-note quality that isn’t quite natural. What I heard here were the color and lifelike presentation of tubes — like the famous tube midrange but in the bass. Most of you have heard the way a solo voice, via a tube midrange, can glow and radiate out from center stage. Now think of that in the bass. It was really nice. Unfortunately, my Lansche 5.1 speakers do not quite fully extend to the deepest bass regions. Pity. I’d never missed it before, but I would have loved to hear what a high-resolution speaker with really deep bass could do with these amps.”


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