AMG • Giro Turntable and 9W2 Tonearm Review

February 2, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“The complex, frenetic rhythms and dense, undulating mix of Talking Heads’ Remain In Light [Sire SRKC 6095] are suitably insistent, but also beautifully layered, the propulsive mobility of the Frantz/Weymouth rhythm section surging powerfully beneath the chopped guitars and stabbing keys. This is always a great record, and the AMG ‘table lets you really appreciate the multi-faceted production and Byrne’s ability to harness it to the music rather than let it swamp proceedings. There’s ample evidence that Eno could over-egg almost any pudding, but the Giro manages to combine clarity of purpose with the almost physical density. That ability to find forward traction when everything else seems to get bogged down, to find clarity amidst congestion and life in the laziest groove, are what make the Giro such an entertaining and engaging record player. Its lack of really deep bass weight and the sense of scale that goes with it might prevent it from competing with the very best — but then the very best cost considerably more than AMG’s junior offering. Besides which, in the sort of systems where the Giro is likely to find itself, those sudden dynamics and the sense of pace that go with them are going to be musically far more important. The pairing with the similarly fleet-of-foot and bass-linear DS Audio DS-W1 might be altogether too much of a good thing, except that these partners seemingly encourage each other to ever-greater heights. The results are impressive, occasionally spectacular but never, ever less than fun.”


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