Gryphon Audio Designs • Kodo Loudspeaker System $390,000 Review

August 2, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“That alone is significant enough, but it makes a lot of sense when you actually consider the speaker itself and just what it offers, from its remarkable bandwidth and dynamic range, to its striking appearance and engaging musical qualities. Then there’s the kilowatt of power residing in each bass tower, delivering not just bandwidth but remarkable low-frequency definition and transparency. Finally, there’s the sheer physical reality of the Kodo. Even amongst the world of high-end flagship speakers, this one is big, heavy and loaded with hardware — something that, having unpacked and repacked the review pair (not without help), I can certainly attest to. Factor in all those considerations and it’s hard to disagree with the notion that this is a lot of speaker for the money. How much money? Well, that depends. In the US the Kodo system will set you back a rather weighty $390,000. But in Europe the asking price is considerably less — €260,000 to be exact, a number that makes this enormous, four-cabinet, part-active system just a little more than a pair of Wilson Audio Alexandria XLFs or Focal Grande Utopia III Evos. That’s what leads me to the faintly bizarre conclusion that the Gryphon Kodo actually represents something of a bargain, especially when compared to much of the competition.”

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