EgglestonWorks • Emma EVOlution Loudspeakers $5495 Review

August 18, 2019 § Leave a comment

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“And so it went — with each recording, the Emma EVOlution loudspeakers either brought me to where the music was made or brought the music to my listening room. They built upon the strengths of the earlier Emma SEs and brought a new, higher level of performance and enjoyment to each listening session. And, with sincere apologies to Gertrude Stein, I heard more there, there. If I could find any fault at all with these speakers, it was that listening to music of whatever genre through them, from any source, proved so compelling and fun that I often put aside my notepad and gave way to the listening experience, playing each selection from beginning to end. With each listen, and almost without exception, as soon as the music began, I became immersed in the event and looked forward to the next. Regrettably, this recurring phenomenon led to unplanned delays in the reviewing process. Their ability to handle anything thrown at them at (even if you insist) unhealthy volume levels, coupled with the estimable quality of conveying music’s emotional essence without sacrificing its musicianship, put the Emma EVOlutions in an enviable position. Whereas the Emma SEs caressed my ears with sound beyond reproach, the EVOs grabbed me by the neck and shouted “Listen.” With the EVOs the aural experience was like walking through an open door onto the performance. They can be forceful and in-your-face when the music demands it (just like some live music) or gentle and calming (just like some live music). Their honest persona, coupled with note-grabbing authority and sense of “rightness” may not appeal to everyone, but it checked all the boxes and rang my bells. I simply heard more of the music with more clarity and dynamics than I had before. And oh, my — that bass!

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