Degritter • Record-Cleaning Machine $3000 Review

May 1, 2020 § Leave a comment

Raed Here

The tradeoff for those with sensitive ears is that the Nitty Gritty can clean a record in about two minutes and only one minute of that involves noise. By contrast, the shortest duration for a quick Degritter drying cycle is just under two minutes and, in my case, because of the longer drying time I selected, it took three minutes. For fairly filthy discs, Degritter recommends the medium or heavy setting, which can last anywhere from seven to eleven minutes from start to finish, depending upon user preferences. It’s comforting to know that, during lengthier cleaning sessions, the Degritter automatically stops the ultrasonic generator to remove excess heat that might otherwise damage records or the unit itself during cleaning.

To keep all of the various processes functioning at peak performance, Degritter pushes out firmware updates periodically. After download to a laptop of any provenance and transfer to a FAT32 SD card, the update is completed in less than five seconds. The last firmware I downloaded altered the rotation schedule during the cleaning cycle to reduce wear and tear on the internal components, all without reducing the unit’s cleaning effectiveness. The sense I got from day-to-day use of the Degritter was that virtually no aspect of record cleaning and operation had been overlooked. It worked flawlessly.”

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