Tannoy Cheviot Legacy Edition Loudspeakers Review

December 7, 2021 § Leave a comment

The unmistakable gravelly drawl of Louis Armstrong has a weight and grain to its character which over many years one becomes intimately familiar with. Ella and Louis Again (2×45 Analogue Productions, MG V-4017) remastered in 2012 by George Marino at Sterling Sound is one of the finest examples of a reissue I’ve heard. The amount of resolution pulled off the original tapes of this 1957 recording session is staggering. Every subtle nuance and detail to the recording studio – spatial cues, vocalizations from Fitzgerald and Armstrong, breathing, chairs moving, and the peccadilloes of play from each musician is laid utterly bare. Visceral, punchy, with astonishing speed to attack on notes and delicious decay to cymbal, high hat, guttural weight to percussion and adroit bass Pizzacato, it swings and romps with abandon with Fitzgerald’s airy, lilting counterpoint to Armstrong balancing the tenor of the entire experience. The emotion, the camaraderie to the relationship between the two leads… all devoid of artifice on any technical or cerebral level I could ascertain through the system feeding the Cheviot. Any change to cabling, cartridge, source or even the inclusion of spiked maple stands under the amps or turntable and CD player did not go unnoticed through the Tannoy.

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