Synergistic Research Ethernet Switch UEF, Foundation Ethernet Cable

December 19, 2021 § Leave a comment

I’m in real trouble here though with the Purple fuses. In the September issue of Enjoy the‘s Review Magazine, I raved about High Fidelity Cable’s new NPS 1260 contact enhancer being the greatest tweak in twenty years of reviewing. Then, in the October issue I had to call the outstanding Acme Silver Cryo fuses the greatest tweak I’ve reviewed in the past 30 days, when in fact, it was in the same league as the NPS 1260. And now, only another 30 days later, I’m here to tell you that for many, if not most audiophiles, the Synergistic Research Purple fuses are the greatest thing since pre-sliced cellophane on CD jewel cases. I feel like my credibility may be going downhill faster than a four-man bobsled in the Winter Olympics.

On the web page for the Purple fuse Synergistic claims the improvement made with this generation of fuse is greater than any previous generation. Having reviewed all four now, I have to emphatically agree. It is a big step up over the Orange and it even readily surpasses the Acme fuses in all manner except for one, which will be a personal preference call for some. Once again we have trickle-down technology crossing over this time from the SRX Series cables in the form of a “three-stage long duration high voltage conditioning process” and a new UEF compound featuring Graphene — the wonder drug of high-end audio.


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