Peachtree PreDac & GaN400 Amplifier Review

March 16, 2022 Comments Off on Peachtree PreDac & GaN400 Amplifier Review

The PreDac whole-heartily earns the mantra complex simplicity, for doing so much with absolute ease of use. The GaN400 is the show-stopper, taking class D amplifier design onto a new path. The best comparison to the MOSFET design of their amp500 comes from the automobile world. Think of the amp500 as the latest Chevrolet Corvette. Its akin to an American power and ride muscle car. The GaN400 is a BMW Z4, all the power but with a refined ride. Do yourself a favor if your in the market for separates as Peachtree Audio’s PreDac and GaN400 amplifier are a first-rate way to take a musical journey.


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