Pro-Ject Audio Automat A1 Turntable Package  Review

July 15, 2022 § Leave a comment

Notwithstanding any reservations I (or, for that matter, you) might have about the finesse available from so cost-effective a package, the A1 reproduced this track with precisely the refinement needed to recall the Left Coast sound of Browne’s debut, which predates this album by 50 years. It also features growly, effects-laden guitar work, a combination of textures that revealed the A1’s ability to deal with contrasts. What it lacked in absolute richness, especially of the sort associated with classic MC cartridges, was balanced by that inescapable sense of excitement.

It was the new 45rpm transfer of Joe Jackson’s eclectic, originally-recorded-in-digital Body And Soul [Intervention IR-030] that exposed the aforementioned tonearm travel which assumes a 7in record is on the platter when playing at 45rpm. Amused rather than irritated, I lowered the arm manually and was rewarded with a lushness I simply did not anticipate.

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