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KEF Blade loudspeakers $32,000 Review

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“My first listening experience with the KEFs was at an audio show several years ago where I also listened to the big YGs. What instantly impressed me was the Blades sounded as good as the $120,000 YGs that were driven by $150,000 worth of electronics. Some large floor standing loudspeakers sound “big” no matter what is playing. The Blades could act and sound like a small studio monitor when the music required it. Then when the music was large scale, as with a recording of Beethoven’s Ninth, the Blades took advantage of their full stature to realistically recreate the experience of being seated in a concert hall listening to a full symphony orchestra and chorus performing the monumental work. And doing that without individual objects in the sound stage being inflated or sounding exaggerated.”

Technics SL-1200G Turntable/Tonearm $4000 – Review

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“This is surprising, perhaps, because pitch is of course completely fundamental to music, and getting it right is clearly important. But old tape machines were not very predictable in speed, and today it can be hard to know what the speed ought to be unless one has a definite idea of what the original pitch of the music was. (It was quite startling to listen to a reissue from a few years ago where a certain violin concerto in A minor was actually in B flat minor as put on the record.) Of course CDs made from old mastertapes can have this sort of problem, too. But with the Technics you can tune up (or, more usually, down) your music—and you need to do so surprisingly often.”

Naim Mu-so Qb Wireless Music System Review

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” Naim’s Mu-so Qb is a highly capable music system. Yes, it is expensive, but it’s superbly crafted and has a lot to offer in terms of playback options and, most important, sound quality. It would be hard to find a compact tabletop speaker that sounds as good as the Qb at any price
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2017 Editors’ Choice: Portable Music Players

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With the AK380, A&K has created a flagship that transcends the genre of audiophile-quality portable players. To be sure, the device delivers superb sound—the best AT has heard from a portable player—via its duel AKM DACs with 384/32 PCM and native DSD support. Additionally, through a set of optional dock and peripheral offerings, the AK380 can rightfully serve as the digital front end to any hi-fi system. When fully accessorized, the fully balanced AK380 can rip CDs, wirelessly stream music from a DLNA NAS drive, and send the analog output of its formidable DACs through XLR connections. Replete with ample storage, a large bright display, and stunning sound, the AK380 is the portable player to beat.”

JH Audio Lola $1,599 Review

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” When it comes to in-ear monitors, everyone has their preferences. Someone who’s a sound engineer may want something more balanced and neutral like the 16V2. Someone on stage, who hears more than just their own contribution to their music, may want something like the Lola or Layla/Roxanne depending on the type of emphasis they’re looking for. As for audiophiles, the jury is out on that one.”