The anatomy of perfect hi-res audio


“Qobuz demands that the studio masters it receives from its partnering record labels are at a minimum resolution of 24-bit/88kHz, and the files it serves go as high as 24-bit/192kHz. With 24 bits, your audio signal can be expressed 16,777,216 ways – that’s a far greater sampling frequency, with more ways of expressing the resulting sample. Also, through Qobuz’s process of turning a studio master into a user-ready file, there’s no upsampling, and no interference with the integrity of the audio.


The Most Pristine Folk Recording You’ve Ever Heard (free download from Chesky)

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” Some of us received this Chesky Records email blast a few days ago, promoting a new record called From The Mountaintop, by folk ensemble The New Appalachians. Chesky is rather boldly billing it as “The Most Pristine Folk Recording You’ve Ever Heard”. The nice part is that they’re offering it as a free download, at least for now. We invite readers to download it from one of the links provided, have a listen, and post your comments below.


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