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” WiSA” next generation of wireless audio


Take a listen to the future.Home theater geek podcast gave us a seek preview of the next generation of wireless audio.The list company on borad are very impressive.Worth a listen.

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My Top 5 favorite speakers of all times

I love a speakers that rises and fall with there ability to separate,define,control indival instrument .

1.MBL -The holy grail of sound reproduction.It start and end with these speakers,Stands above all others.

2.TAD -The best convectional driver speaker I’ve ever heard.

3.avantgarde- has a unquice sound you can only get from a great horrn

4.Magnepan 3.7- The best cost for performance speakers ever made.

5.quad ESL-2805-  Many have tried to copy Quad but none have ever duplicated .

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Newport Beach audio show


I hope to see everyone at the Newport Beach audio show.Let me know if anyone is going?

May 31

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