AudiophilePure Top Reference Tracks

1.Natalie Merchant – Peppery Man

When this song begins you should close your eye’s and you will hear a true 3D holographic image like you never heard before .This is truly a gem of a Recording.You feel the singers voices move across the room in a magical way.I wish I could find a higher resolution version but the mp3 copy is still wonderful.At 2:04 you will here a very tight clean extend bass notes to delight you through rest of the song.Sit back and enjoy this masterpiece and you will be rewarded on your decision spent all the money you did on your system.

Listen Here

The White Buffalo “The whistler”

2. ‘The whistler’ is one of my favorite song.The supple pauses and transitions keep you mesmerized to this musical roller coaster.This song keep your attention for every second.Jake Smith the lead singer has a fantastic gravely that extends the overall midrange to it limit.I always get the feeling i’m in smokey dive bar while listening this song.Emotional grip in the great lyrics keeps you pushing repeat.This is definitely a reference track.

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3.Boz Scaggs – Thank To You

When I first played this song I immediately notice there’s something special happening here.The vocals are magical and haunting and it strikes you immediately.The producers ability Capturing the intimacy and immediacy of Boz Scaggs Voice will keep you coming back for more.The symbol will destroy most bad system.This song will rise to occasion to any level of equipment from 1,000 to $1,000,000.Boz Scaggs performance has stunning realism and submerges you in the moment.

Listen Here

4.Melody Gardot – Over The Rainbow

This lovely beautiful siren brings her vocal talents to this glorious classic and then takes it to another level.This a wonder recording when you here the brushes go across the symbol   a smile come over your face. you will know there’s something special here.This song can challenge any system you throw at it.The combination of dynamic and intimacy make this one of my favorite recording.Close your eyes and enjoy.

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5.Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong – Tenderly (Verve Records 1956)

This is truly one of my favorite recording of all time.There some truly magical about this song.I’ve heard this track scale with systems from $2,000 to $2 million with a graceful ease.I truly don’t understand 1956 Verve Recording can  be one of best audiophile tracks of all time. Ella and Louis have 2 of the must distinguish voices in music history.Relaxed naturalness they created on this stellar evening, with an immediacy that rather magically. Louis Armstrong  raspy  range make me appreciate him more.This is not a headphone friendly track.You need loudspeakers to get the full emotional impact.   

Listen Here

6. Gregory Poter – Liquid Spirit

Take one listen to the 96kHz/24bit “liquid spirit” track and you will be hooked.The level of recording is outstanding.”liquid spirit” is a excellent audio reference track.The separation of instruments make every distinguish note a joy.Gregory Porter is a legend in the making a with very smooth deliver and a lovely tone.

Listen Here

7. Shelby Lynne – just a little of loving

Listen Here

This is my kind of song. A simple but yet outstanding recording .A sensual recording that bring you into the recording studio.Symbol can be very harsh with lesser resolving systems.Shelby years of singing comes thru with her truly lovely & soulful voice.


8.Mary Stalling – Sunday Kind Of Love

A truly remarkable live recording with a emotional griping tones of Mary voice.This track is a IMAGING giant.Mary voice reaches in your living room.You can picture the jazz club as the song draws you in.Get ready to leave a tip for Mary and the recording engineer1.Around the 3:00 mark you will start to feel overwhelming weight of the piano keys strokes.One of best live recording I’ve ever heard.


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