Time to think about upgrading your AC power cords?

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In-akustik Reference LS-204 XL Micro Air Loudspeaker Cable Review

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An evolution of In-akustik’s ‘Air Helix’ geometry, the ‘Micro Air’ construction of its LS-204 XL cable retains the low resistance and inductance of the German brand’s costlier cables but with the advantage of lower capacitance, promising a more consistent behaviour with a wider range of amplifiers. There’s a lot of hand-made cable here for the money, making it a reliable bet for that first ‘big upgrade’.

Audience frontRow Loudspeaker Cables Review

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Application for membership to the club has two requirements. The wire has to be capable of reproducing fine timbral discriminations. Second, it can’t be intimidated by beauty. It sounds crazy, but there are brands so adamant about neutrality and accuracy that anything that smacks of color or beauty is viewed askance, like an invader that needs to be purged. For the fundamentalist, these are manifestations of euphony.

To the extent that gear fails these requirements, each deficit chips away the natural beauty of the sound and the degree of sameness increases, as instruments loose what makes them unique. Your brain kicks in to make up the deficit and figure out what instrument is playing.

Siltech Triple Crown power cable

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The overall strength and flexibility of the cable are really good. This isn’t the most flexible cable you would see, because of the no-compromise approach, but judging the materials and considering the fact that this actually is an 8-wire cable,  this level of flexibility is actually a success. Looks-wise I think Brise Audio cables look quite charismatic and more serious than most. It particularly looks great with Custom IEMs in my opinion. One particular detail I liked is the cable slider which is made from genuine wood. It’s such a great and classy touch to this full black design.


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A final emotional release of nearly all experience while skinny dipping is guilt. When you’re naked out in the open, you are violating a cultural taboo. Also, unless you’re a world-class athlete or a Victoria’s Secret model, you probably aren’t the most comfortable with the looks of your naked body. Similarly, I experienced guilt while reviewing the Naked interconnects. My guilt was out of a feeling of unworthiness. Hey, these cables are top-of-the-line equipment. While I do have a nice system, none of the components in it match the Naked interconnects for elite status. Despite that disparity, I certainly heard the differences they made and my system is better because of them. I feel really lucky to review equipment for Enjoy the Music.com. With the Naked interconnects I feel even luckier.

New Woo Audio First Look & Unboxing

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Kimber Kable Naked Interconnects $12,700 Review

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“Another thing you experience while you’re dog-paddling au naturale is a sense of vulnerability. You are exposed to any of the creatures lurking in the depths of the water or to any unwelcome advances by your fellow swimmers. In this case, you, the listener, are not the vulnerable one, but your system. Some cabling is good at smoothing over the rough edges of sound reproduction, but not the Nakeds. If you want to hear the characteristics of your equipment, these are the ones for you. Luckily, I have been able to choose equipment that lacks any sort of hard edge or sounds too “detailed.” Such equipment might not be a good fit. As a reviewer, I am regularly swapping out components for review. With the Naked interconnects in place, I was able to immediately detect any differences. In one case, a simple swap of two small-signal tubes made a huge difference in the sound of the system. They are that revealing.

Seperate Power Plants or long power cables?

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The 2-pin connectors are more rounded than some other cables and they have blue & red markings for left & right, together with Brise Audio logos. They look pretty nice and complementary to the rest of the design and they also feel rock solid to me. In this Yatono model, they have a gray painting to reflect this particular series.

One thing I really liked though is the memory wire area. The memory wire is short with a good balance between flexibility and stiffness. Also, the material on the memory wire is soft, so it doesn’t bother your ear with its presence, even with long listening periods. This is critical for my experience with aftermarket cables.

Another exceptional detail for the memory wire is that Brise Audio uses a slim titanium rib for bending the memory part around the ear. Also, the tips of that titanium rib are twisted to prevent any tearing problems with the wire (which happens with some stock or aftermarket cables), and also for the users’ health. The attention to detail here is astounding.

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