PlusSound X8 Silver+Gold Review

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“The plusSound X8 Silver + Gold has a bold, powerful quality. Clarity and dynamics are off the charts. The vividness of vocals and instruments is awe-inspiring. They jump forward, becoming bigger and brighter. Bass notes feel enormous, rumbling like a volcano and erupting like an atom bomb. Treble is oh so airy. It extends up the frequency range with crystalline purity. Quickness of attack and heroic aggression means you’re unlikely to fall asleep with boredom. Resolution is at an all-time high, rendering sharp and precise, conveying all manner of textural richness. The soundstage is the largest I’ve heard, creating grand space and clean atmosphere around the elements.”


Chord Clearway Analogue RCA: Best analogue interconnect over £50

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Woo Audio Balanced 4-pin XLR To Pentagon

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Nordost reintroduces the Superflatline Speaker Cable

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“Nordost’s SuperFlatline Speaker Cable consists of 16, 23 AWG, solid core, flat, rectangular copper conductors. The flat geometry of this cable not only increases signal transfer speed, but also makes it possible to run lengths under carpets for easy and discreet installation. Additionally, SuperFlatline employs an innovative precision FEP extrusion process, which lowers the capacitance and increases the bandwidth of the cable dramatically, enhancing accuracy in signal transfer.”


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“What the Zeno does is lift a slight veil from the sound of most stock cables, subtle details are now more easily picked out and instruments find a more defined place within the soundstage. The Zeno is an effortless sounding cable; it will not alter the stock sound signature but rather enhance it. The stock HiFiMan cable is terrible ergonomically and it is silver plated copper bringing out a little bit of extra presence in the treble. Now I do not think the stock cable is bright, but it does not have the most natural of timbre to it, it can sound a little metallic. Changing over to the Van Damme cable brought out a little more linearity, but not a huge difference. Going to the Zeno you immediately notice that there is more substance to the sound, more body but not at the expense of extension or detail retrieval.”

How to make Your own HiFi Speaker Wire – Video

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Audeze iSine20 IEM and Moon Audio Silver Dragon Upgrade cable – Video

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