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” Labkable Samurai III is not a cheap aftermarket cable. However, there is a significant improvement over stock cable in terms of the midrange resolution, the airiness of the bass department, and the space around instruments. I would definitely recommend Samurai III to those who need to hear a more open tone and a more airy presentation with a better resolution. Labkable, as a brand, has a strong background and a R&D department. In that regard, they know how to tune a good cable. The Labkable cables that I tested deserve appreciation and they are worth their prices.”

Nordost Odin 2 analog interconnect, $19,999.99/0.6m pair

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“Lest this sound like a dithyrambic paean to Nordost, I feel obliged to mention that there are pluses and minuses to the level of resolution provided by the Odin 2. For one thing, it will prove ruthlessly revealing of equipment upstream. This cable deserves to be allied with top-drawer equipment to really strut its stuff. It’s also the case that some listeners may prefer a more sumptuous cable. I don’t mean to imply that the Odin 2 is in any way sonically anemic. Nordost has handsomely overcome some of the deficiencies that constituted a kind of penalty for the speed of its earlier versions. It is emphatically the case that there is no hint of stridency with the Odin 2. In the crowded world of high-end cables, however, there are indubitably other competitors that will deliver more overtones around each note, a more overtly silky background and a grander bass.”


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“It’s a shame that my original Thor Silver is terminated for use with Audeze headphones, that makes it kind of hard to compare the sound signature of both cables. What I like most about this cable is that it almost disappears when you’re using it, the cable is so comfortably and light (for an aftermarket cable) that it never bothers you when you’re on the go. Sonically, its major strength is the incredible clarity, precision and cleanness. In contrast to most of the silver cables that just increase treble presence (which this cable also does), this cable does a bit of everything. Without influencing the bass, mids or treble “body-wise” it makes everything more precise, tight and clear”


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