Audeze iSine20 IEM and Moon Audio Silver Dragon Upgrade cable – Video

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“PWaudio has created two wonderful sounding copper cables with a unique design structure. Their sound improvements are indisputably there for me. The two-wire quickly became one of my favourite cables and has been mainly attached to my Kaiser Encore because it elevates this already incredible in ear monitor to new levels. The four-wire has found its best friend in the Kaiser 10, though I wish I could use it with another monitor of mine – JH Audio’s Layla. The transparency of PWaudio’s four-wire flagship is unrivalled and the way it portrays even the finest details is outstanding. The two-wired version adds a touch of warmth to my reference and brighter tuned monitors and gives them a nice organic sound.”


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“The Taurus’s excellent staging is down to a more noticeable and better defined low-end presence as well as possessing superior headroom and air in its top-end. It makes a big difference, especially when paired with clean and neutral players such as the AK240 where I think copper infused pairings like this excel.”

High Fidelity Cables Electronic Principals and Outstanding Listening Session, Capital Audiofest – Video

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High Fidelity Cables Reveal RCA & XLR Interconnects Review

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“I was listening to over 20+ interconnects when the Reveal line was introduced in the review queue. It quickly made it to one of my top picks. Most components are priced fairly but I believe the High Fidelity Cables Reveal line are priced unfairly…in a fantastic way. For under $1,000, especially for the RCA cables, I strongly believe it to be an absolute steal. As far as energy and resolution, I even preferred to HFC’s own CT-1 RCA interconnects.”

Best analogue interconnect over £50 – Chord Company Clearway – Video

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“The bottom line is that Kimber’s Axios headphone cables can and do help high-end headphones be all that they can be—often in quite dramatic ways. The Axios cable is not inexpensive, but it rewards the enthusiast’s investment by really delivering the goods, both in sonic terms and in service of the music. Very highly recommended.”

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