High End Audiophile in Singapore

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The DAPs I reviewed recently from Shanling have great designs. However, this might come to you a bit odd and out of place, mainly because of the three buttons on top of the screen. They’re there for play/pause, skip/previous track. This choice from Shanling is questionable. Maybe they thought about using the player without touching the screen for playback control.

Nevertheless, these buttons are a part of the design. But another problem here is that it sacrifices some space on the screen. And when it’s held in its original position, your thumb covers a lot of screen space as well. However, Shanling has a solution in which you can invert the screen upside down from the software, to place the buttons on the bottom. That works better overall.


The Listening Room

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The organizer of the Beijing International Music & Life Fest has set up a permanent showroom/listening room with precisely calculated acoustic treatments and a speaker system from Quested and electronics from Playback Designs, Goldmund, etc. Via Audio Art Magazine. 

KEF R3 Meta Speaker Review

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Dan D’Agostino S350 Stereo Power Amplifier $27,250 Review

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As an audio reviewer, I feel as if I should have some negative criticisms, as no audio component is “perfect. I do not want to paint myself into a corner and say this is the best power amplifier on the market. At this level, there are going to be nuances between amplifiers that some audiophiles will prefer over others. And to be honest, I’ve auditioned nowhere near every solid-state power amplifier on the market. It would be interesting to compare the D’Agostino Progression S350 to an amplifier that costs double or triple its price. But one of those might not match my system as well as the D’Agostino Progression S350. One would be correct if they argued that I liked this amplifier so much only because it was such a good fit with the rest of my system. So be it.


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I could utilize them to gauge the signer’s level in how well and stable she could hold notes and in every nuance she brought to the table. What I like most about this track is outside of the light piano track and backing vocals, it’s as close a situation as a listener may find themselves in to an artist using In-Ear Monitors for their intended purpose. Except this time we are the silent watchful observer, using such creations to enjoy the performance on hand.

TAD CE1TX: BEST ‘Small’ Speaker on the Planet!

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In terms of signal latency, my Snapdragon 865-equipped phone running Android 13 experienced significantly less latency with the LHDC codec in the YouTube app compared to the AptX adaptive codec. I experienced similar results while playing games so if you are planning to game with the FW5 while using the AptX Adaptive codec, don’t. On Android, you’ll have to switch to LHDC or SBC for better latency performance, especially if you want to game using the FW5.

On iOS, the only available codec is as usual the AAC due to Apple’s limitations. I tested Disney+, Netflix & YouTube using 14PMX and the latency was good. I experienced mild latency with games though.

FiiO M11S $499 Review

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The FiiO saves itself from being a boring rectangular chassis by being almost a boring rectangular chassis, save for its left-hand side angled protrusion, on the outer edge of which you’ll find power and multi-purpose buttons as well as a nicely sized, slightly textured volume pad. Our eyes lit up at the sight of the latter, presuming it would be a slider control to allow for one-finger volume adjustment when the player is sat on a surface. Disappointingly it isn’t, but like the rest of the controls (pause/play and skip tracks on the player’s right-hand edge) it is reliably responsive and ergonomic while in the hand.

FiiO has been in the game long enough to know how to produce an intuitive music player both from hardware and software perspectives. The FiiO Music app gives a positive first impression – open it up and it prompts you to scan local files on the device (which are easy to copy across from a computer using a free third-party software such as Android File Transfer) and any networked files you may have on a NAS device. And it builds on that during our testing with a logically laid out and pleasantly attractive interface that most people will get to grips with within minutes. Album artwork takes up most of the playback screen’s real estate, though we are equally pleased to see full format and size information for every track just below it.

Chord Dave FPGA DAC Review

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