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“The Noble Falcon Pro True Wireless IEMs are a wonder. That they can fit three drivers, transceiver, amplifier, and battery in such a small package that offers over 10 hours of dynamic musical sound is mind-boggling. The sonic profile is what I would call fun, with excellent clarity, strong bass without boominess, and a warm lush detailed midrange, equally at home with pop music and classical.

Noble has definitely made me rethink my attitudes towards Bluetooth, and wireless IEMs in general, producing in the Falcon Pro an IEM that I could happily use for everyday music listening while out and about without having to resort to a heavy DAP and a limiting cord, ideal for streaming music, watching videos, or playing games via a smartphone or tablet.”


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At such a low frequency, a passive crossover would require huge inductors and capacitors which would incur substantial losses. The meticulous design of the MXO has fully balanced and discrete circuit topology with Linkwitz-Riley filters to deliver steep 24 dB per octave slopes at the crossover frequency of 120 Hz. Precision step attenuators provide 0.5 dB/step control of each output, using a proprietary technique to ensure purity in the signal path. Open architecture accommodates additional filter topologies. The external power supply chassis regenerates AC and applies active regulation to every part of the circuitry. 

A pair of M9 loudspeakers requires two stereo or four monaural amplifiers. The M9 tweeter, midrange and mid-bass drivers are controlled by a three-way passive crossover with acoustical target 24 dB-per-octave Linkwitz-Riley filters. Magico’s elliptical symmetry crossover design preserves maximum frequency bandwidth with minimal IM distortion.  

Focal Clear Professional Headphones Review

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Marantz Model 30 integrated amplifier $2499 Review

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I “get” this amp. The Marantz Model 30 integrated suits my taste for simple sophistication. Its phono stage is so versatile and musically effective that I see this moderately priced integrated as being an especially good choice for young people getting into LP collecting for the first time or older audiophiles who want to start over with analog after having sold their LPs in the ’90s.

Best of all, this stylish new Marantz is a well-tuned, supertransparent, superdetailed class-D amplifier that powered diverse loudspeakers with a captivating élan worthy of its “Model 30” heritage.

Acora SRB loudspeaker Review

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These aren’t ordinary small two-way monitors. They sound bigger than they are. They are capable of producing an expansive soundstage. They are highly detailed and fast, with a feeling of microdynamic precision and quick-footed effortlessness. They can start and stop on a dime.

Partnering amplifiers should be chosen with care. The VAC tubes worked especially well.

Bass extended deeper than expected and had good clarity and definition—and yet, in my room, the SRB’s tonal balance ran mostly neutral to slightly cool, which makes me think my room was perhaps a little too large for them and/ or could have benefited from more absorption in this setup.

Wilson Audio XVX Chronosonic First Impressions

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Burmester B38 Floorstanding Loudspeaker €18,900 Review

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Let’s quickly move over to classical music: Here, the B38 knows excellently how to convince even those who don’t like it of the beauty this genre has, for example when the “Concierto de Aranjuez” is played. The fine dynamics demanded here are offered by the Burmester with confidence, in a way that even excites hardened and experienced fans of hi-fi. Depending on the angle and width of the base, the guitars occasionally sounded a bit too strict and minimally tied up, but could easily be brought back onto the path of virtue by small corrections concerning the positioning.

The airiness and generosity in the reproduction of the solo instruments as well as the entire orchestra was convincing as well – fortunately even when one did not enjoy the privilege of taking the central position on the sofa. Thus, even several people can enjoy the quality design together, which consists mainly of the polished aluminum front lacking visible screws and the slim silhouette.

What about the topic of “Rock” though? Nobody has ever doubted that a Burmester speaker can play rock music anyway, right? If you do: look around for a Burmester distributor and listen!

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO Turntable Review

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“Despite its relative beer-budget price, Pro-Ject’s Debut Carbon EVO sounds closer to a mid-level turntable than a super-budget one – and that’s its genius. A self-assured sound with no nasties, allied to an easy-going yet engaging personality will win it many fans. Factor in the ease of set-up and use, and if you’re in the market for great vinyl value, you simply must hear it.”

Playback Designs

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Yamaha A-S3200 Integrated Amplifier $7499 Review

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There’s much to be said for simple elegance, whether in a graceful haiku or Yamaha’s exquisite A-S3200. With the latter, you simply connect your turntable and CD player, or any source with analog outputs, connect your speakers, sit back, and enjoy impeccably musical sound. There’s no app to install, no digital inputs to configure, no calibration to be done. To sound its best it needs quite a bit of burn-in, as well as time to warm up each time it’s turned on—but as I sat there watching the needles of its beautiful level meters dancing along in time to the sublimely reproduced music, I knew it was worth the wait. The A-S3200 isn’t cheap, but considering the quality of its construction, the uniqueness of its handsome, classic visual design, and the quality of its sound, it’s a stunning integrated amplifier that I’d be proud to own and prominently display in my audio system.

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