Amazing Million Dollar Speakers 

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The PWAudio cables comes delivered connected to the IEMS and UM/PWAudio have added a kind of removable mesh protection around the 4.4mm connector and Y-splitter so they can’t get damaged during transport. A nice detail. The cable looks simple but fancy, with a nice, elegant finish. I do have to note that the heat shrink ear hooks on the M1 are rather fierce and that’s quite annoying when you have the units just dangling over your ear. Once inserted it’s fully comfortable, however.

Comfort-wise the MEST is perfect just like my other UM customs. Of course, that all depends on your scans, but in my case there’s nothing to complain about and long listening sessions are no issue. The only thing I need to mention (and I have mentioned it before) is that there is “Driver Flex” with these IEMS inserting/removing them from your ears. Next to that they stick out a bit further out of your ear because of the shell size, but that doesn’t make them any less comfortable.


Cambridge Audio Alva ST Belt Drive Turntable Setup Guide & Tips & Tricks

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PS Audio aspen FR30 Loudspeaker Review

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But they’re just as effective with the exuberant playing on Tuomas Antero Turunen’s ‘Joy Dance’ from his Lifesparks album [Skip Records SKP 9154-2], fully making the listening experience live up to the title. Similarly, albeit different, the Helensburgh Tango from the Tord Gustavsen Trio’s Opening album [ECM 2742] is wonderfully dark and sombre, with its snare rolls and recessed instruments very unsettling.

Then again, the speakers soar with Sandrine Piau’s voice on her Rivales album [Alpha ALPHA824, 96kHz/24-bit], her aria from Gluck’s ‘La Clemenza de Tito’ especially vibrant thanks to the speaker’s free-breathing sound and purity of tone. They present Holly Coles voice on ‘I Could Write A Book’ [Holly, 2xHDRR1101; DSD128] with superb intimacy as she duets with Wycliffe Gordon before slipping into the languorous ‘Lazy Afternoon’, her voice set against the gentle Hammond B3 of Larry Goldings. It’s all delicious stuff – and addictive.

Sanders Sound Systems Magtech Power Amplifier $7,000 Review

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I had to remember that this was an amplifier designed to run electrostatic speakers effortlessly, so well does this amplifier drive dynamic loudspeakers; even loudspeakers with seemingly ‘punishing’ impedance loads. In fact, the load of a conventional speaker presents a much easier challenge to the Magtech. If you get the chance to demo the Sanders Sound Systems Magtech power amplifier you should take advantage of that opportunity. Like other products in the Sanders line, the Magtech amplifier is a remarkable piece of kit that deserves more attention from the press than it gets and comes very highly recommended.

Rotel CD14 MKII CD player Review

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Astell&Kern KANN MAX DAP $1,299 Review

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Astell&Kern KANN MAX DAP: Review

Most of the over-ears I wear while travelling are considerably easier to drive and so with all that power available, noise floor becomes a real issue.  By dropping gain back to medium, the MAX performs well with the Campfire Cascade and DCA Aeon Closed and with its 8 channel volume control placed between the DAC and amplifier sections of the MAX, clarity and distortion stays nearly the same at all gain levels.   

It certainly takes more effort to wrangle 8 independent volume controls, but by placing them on the output of the DAC and before the amplifier, the volume control is in the best position to adjust overall output without introducing additional noise.

The Bluetooth features remain largely the same as the KANN Alpha with support for LDAC, and aptX HD; the KANN MAX also supports the Bluetooth Sync feature which allows you to use the KANN MAX as a Bluetooth-enabled source device for supported loudspeakers or headphones.

Devialet Phantom I 108dB wireless active loudspeaker system £2,790 Review

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One of Devialet’s clever innovations from the Expert Pro line that easily crosses over to the Phantom is SAM, or ‘Speaker Active Matching’. In the traditional audio world, this meant Devialet had to assess the performance of a range of different loudspeakers from hundreds of manufacturers to create an optimum amplifier profile (in the digital domain). This number crunching is baked into the Phantom models, allowing a very high degree of interaction and control between amplifier and loudspeaker. This has three direct benefits: the amplifier is running at its most optimal for any steady-state or musical signal; the amp has better drive-unit control even in deep bass, and the Phantom is pretty much ‘unburstable’ unless you consciously try to destroy it. It’s not fully ‘party proof’ as those pulsating side drivers are something of a drunk-magnet and the rated 108dB peak SPL is a bit of a limit, but in real-world terms unless you are using the Phantom as a weekend-long PA system pumping out square waves at full throttle, the Phantom remains unfazed when you are in the mood to party hard.

Devon’s ULTIMATE SYSTEM is here! 

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However, if I had to pick, I’d go with Classical Rock, Jazz, Classical and RnB genres with the Kublai Khan. Thanks to its excellent staging and imaging performance, Classical and Jazz give me the best experience.

The only negative in terms of technical performance I can bring up is that, with many types of drivers in one package, sometimes you feel like the music is disjointed, too wide and too deep. Especially with the bone-conducting subwoofer, the lowest notes of bass are too separated at times, and the piezoelectric driver gives a similar feeling to treble-heavy songs. If you enjoy a more rounded presentation with more darkness and a bit of ”dirtiness” and lushness, the Kublai Khan may sound too separated and too spacious.

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