Mission ZX-3 Review

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That said, the bass extension it does have is detailed and commendably quick and, given the choice between a floorstander with a little bit less bass that keeps up with the music or one that has great lumps of the stuff half a beat after it’s needed, I’ll always choose the former.

When faced with the wonderfully overblown marathon of Welcome To The Pleasuredome by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, the ZX-3 wades in with genuine enthusiasm, managing to provoke a response that is as much emotional as cerebral.

Comparing it with Mission speakers of old, I’d say that while it doesn’t feel quite as fast and energetic as some of its predecessors, it certainly knows a thing or two about tonality, soundstage and sheer realism. These are valuable developments and it’s a sure sign of the brand’s new-found maturity that the ballistic edge of past offerings has been reined in a little.

Digital Connectors to Digital Audio Players | 

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Tobian SoundSystems 12FH

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Usher ML-801 Loudspeakers $11,950 Review

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Like Schiit, he explained, they offer great value for the money (as the owner of a Schiit Audio Yggdrasil Analog 2 DAC, I agree— read more HERE). He’d recently purchased my Mini Dancer 2s, and has since been outspoken about their performance up and down the sound spectrum. Bottom line, he wants a pair of speakers that reveal everything when he’s mixing music recordings. However, for me, this sale opened a window of opportunity.

The ML-801 and 802s they were designed to bridge the gap between Usher’s Dancer series and their flagship TD lines. Boasting more refined internal components and crossovers, better bracing and a deeper cabinet than my Mini Dancers, they piqued my curiosity. Already impressed with the Usher house sound, I was fascinated with the idea of experiencing these first hand. Hence, when the opportunity finally arrived, I pounced. 

Rotel Michi S5 power amplifier Review

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The biggest challenge in writing a review of a superlative, heavyweight stereo amplifier that goes for under five figures is to avoid clichés. Each time I was tempted to type “stupidly good,” I reminded myself that some readers would invariably extend the phrase (as it is often extended in reviews) to “stupidly good for the price” (footnote 2) and interpret my praise as a two-faced put-down.

Damning with faint praise is not something the Michi S5 deserves. What it deserves is a Class A listing in Stereophile‘s Recommended Components with $$$ (for value) beside its $7499 price. Even if you can afford much more expensive monoblocks and loudspeakers, you should hear the S5, or maybe the similar but even more powerful M8 monoblocks, for a solid point of comparison. It’s that good. Music lovers who end up welcoming it into their homes are destined to enjoy music for years without end. The S5 is an engineering and musical triumph.

Quad ESL 57 vs Quad ESL 63

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B&W Nautilus Miami Home Vídeo Goiânia

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Stromtank S 1000 computer-controlled battery power source $15,975 Review

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One of the biggest revelations came when, during another listening session, I moved back and forth between the darTZeel NHB-18NS preamp and the Stromtank battery-powered D’Agostino Momentum HD preamp. I had previously declared the battery-powered darTZeel the most detailed and revealing preamp I’d ever heard in my system. With colors more direct and primary than the D’Agostino’s softer, more pastel-rich palette, and a soundstage neither as wide nor as far set back, the darTZeel seemed a champion of directness. With Stromtank battery power, the D’Agostino’s ability to convey detail increased to darTZeel levels, and its soundstage magic increased. I’d expected the Stromtank S 1000 to improve the sound of my system, but I never thought it would serve as the missing link to component greatness.

Genelec G Three active loudspeaker $1590 Review

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My first impressions of Genelec’s G Three remained true throughout my audition: pure and precise with a surprising amount of well-articulated bass for such a small speaker. In its tweeter region (above 3kHz), the G Threes preserved more air, atmosphere, and dimensionality than my in-house KEF LS50s, GoldenEar BRXs, or Falcon LS3/5a Gold Badges. They didn’t go as low or move as much air, but, in terms of bass tone and tactility, the G Three was like a smaller, tighter version of GoldenEar’s BRX standmount. In its tweeter region the G Three was distinctly more detailed than the BRX. On both sides of its 3kHz crossover region, the G Three was quieter and more seamless than my LS3/5a. I needed only a few tracks to realize that the G Threes play more clearly and more open than any speaker I had on hand to compare them to.

CanJam London 2022: Many Flagship

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