Rotel Michi S5 power amplifier Review

July 27, 2022 Comments Off on Rotel Michi S5 power amplifier Review

The biggest challenge in writing a review of a superlative, heavyweight stereo amplifier that goes for under five figures is to avoid clichés. Each time I was tempted to type “stupidly good,” I reminded myself that some readers would invariably extend the phrase (as it is often extended in reviews) to “stupidly good for the price” (footnote 2) and interpret my praise as a two-faced put-down.

Damning with faint praise is not something the Michi S5 deserves. What it deserves is a Class A listing in Stereophile‘s Recommended Components with $$$ (for value) beside its $7499 price. Even if you can afford much more expensive monoblocks and loudspeakers, you should hear the S5, or maybe the similar but even more powerful M8 monoblocks, for a solid point of comparison. It’s that good. Music lovers who end up welcoming it into their homes are destined to enjoy music for years without end. The S5 is an engineering and musical triumph.


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