NAD D 3045 integrated amp

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Bryston 28B³ Monoblock Power Amplifiers $11,995 (each) Review

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“The 28B³ is an excellent sounding amplifier. As the wattage specification may indicate, there was more than enough power to drive my inefficient MartinLogan Summit X electrostatic-hybrid Loudspeakers, which are also a very difficult load—their impedance drops to 0.5 ohms at 20 kHz. It is a pleasure to have large amounts of power which enables the amplifiers to grab firm control of the loudspeaker and present no signs of strain at louder volumes. There was always plenty of power on reserve.

The tonal balance of the 28B³ is very neutral. The low frequencies, the midrange and the high frequencies are evenly balanced in volume level. The bass is powerful, very deep, and very well articulated. The midrange is clear and very sweet at the same time. The high frequencies are also sweet and easy to listen to. You can listen to these amplifiers for long periods of time with absolutely no listening fatigue.”

McIntosh MC1.25KW

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NuPrime Evolution One Review

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“Interestingly, while these speakers do not require much current at all, the amp-speaker match was perhaps the best so far even if it now became more evident that these amps won’t make a recording sound interesting unless this is in the recording itself. Martin Logans are highly resolving speakers but they also have the nice ability to always retain a certain continuity and this matched very well with the Evolution Ones. Other class-D amps that we tried in this system over the past years did not measure up but these NuPrimes, the system sounded great.”


Cary Audio CAD-805RS monoblock power amplifier $15,995/pair Review

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“Through that last day in my listening room, the sound of Cary Audio’s CAD-805RS monoblocks was thoroughly engaging: I enjoyed every record I played through them, and though their deep-bass response was too generous, it was never unmusical—and was often decidedly fun.

No less important, evaluated solely on the basis of the quality of parts and the apparent amount of labor that have gone into it, the US-made CAD-805RS offers good value. I have a rough idea of what it costs to make just the transformers in this amp; although $15,995/pair isn’t chicken chow, I find it difficult to imagine how two of these can be sold at retail for that price.

Boulder 1100 Series Preamplifier $21,000 and Power Amplifier $28,000 Review

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“As best I tried, no matter which musical genre I played, I couldn’t detect a “signature” Boulder sound; put succinctly, this combo is about as neutral as it gets. Good recordings sounded good; great recordings sounded great; crappy recordings sounded, well, crappy. Therein lies the audiophile’s conundrum: be careful what you wish for. A fundamentally neutral sounding combination like the Boulder duo will give you exactly what’s on the recording, not more, not less. Your only choice to tune the sound more or less to your liking is to play with cables, different analog decks and cartridge combos, that’s about it. The preamplifier and power amplifier do what they ought to in first place: get out of the sound.”

Anthem AVM60 11.2CH Atmos Processor Review

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