“Bringing these qualities to a silky mid-range centric recording like James Taylor’s October Road album’s first track ‘September Grass’ [Columbia], I can revel in the joy of simple acoustic guitar, bass, and drums in a small group setting. Recordings like this are the audio equivalent to that favourite pair of shoes. They feel right and I can spend hours in them. I want to settle in for the afternoon and let the stress of the day roll away. What I do not want is edge or grain. I do not want coloration. I am seeking that hard to find accurate timbre and have the music create the gestalt of memory triggering the daydream qualities of returning to the moment – good times made possible by the time machine of music. Few pieces of kit make this possible. The 865 is one that does with aplomb.”



“Of course, while I love jazz, sometimes I just need to remind myself I’m alive by kicking up the volume a notch and letting some good old heavy rock and roll fill the house. For such moments, it’s hard to beat some 1970s Deep Purple. The remastered version of Stormbringer contains some of Purple’s funkier moments but it never fails to rock, with Coverdale and Hughes sharing vocals while delivering the most cliched lyrics imaginable. Somehow, this all seems in keeping with the era as the fullness of Lord’s Hammond organ runs,”

Devialet Expert 130 Pro DAC-Integrated Amplifier $7690 Review

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“With the Expert 130 Pro, Devialet has continued to build on the most excellent foundation of past successes like the 120 and Expert 200. Despite my apathy for such monikers as ADH and Magic Wire, their clever circuits continue to set the bar for audio realism. The Expert 130 Pro’s bass reproduction is preposterously good, and its nonexistent noise floor and extraordinary transparency permit deep inspection of the nooks and crannies of my music. Although $7690 isn’t cheap,”


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“I am impressed with what this is capable of. At $129, with some different adapter head versions available, USB2.0/Lightning and a Micro USB version coming soon, I am absolutely shilling this as one of the best DAC’s on the market for the price tier. Finally, we have a budget-friendly DAC that does DSD that keeps travel-prone users in mind. Thank the audio gods. Someone finally listened to me.

Ayon Audio Vulcan Evo Amplifiers $41,400 Review

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” Summing up the sound of the Vulcan Evos I would say that they are refined and subtle with great perceived transparency and resolution, both in terms of individual instruments and sounds as well as how they carve out resolution in the soundstage and capable of delivering huge macrodynamic contrasts. There seems to be no blunting or rounding of dynamics throughout a large envelope, at least with my speakers. Inner resolution and the sense of action in sound was among the very best I have heard.”


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“With the addition of this card, the M32 remains an audiophile piece but gains a level of convenience that makes it the equal of any lifestyle component at any price. It’s not always ideal to shuffle CDs or even to create playlists on your connected laptop. BluOS makes it easy to just tune in a bit of Internet radio or your favorite streaming service when you just want some background music to liven the party or soothe your evening.”

Vandersteen Audio Model Seven Mk.II Loudspeakers and M7-HPA Mono Amplifiers Review

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“The M7-HPA amplifiers have joined my Vandersteen Model Sevens, now upgraded to Mk.II status, to form the backbone of my reference system. The quality of sound I’m hearing from them is beyond what I could have hoped for, let alone expected, even a year or two ago. Overlook the Model Seven Mk.II at your peril — and if you already have Model Sevens, whether originals or Mk.IIs, and want to unleash their full power, a pair of M7-HPAs is a no-brainer.”

Wells Audio Majestic integrated amplifier Review $3,599

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“Though a budget design in the company’s offering, the Majestic possessed such competency nonetheless that it showcased the superiority of the $8,000 Bricasti M1 dual-mono DAC over the $3,100 Arche Audio Opus 5 DACT and Opus 501 Power Supply in increased three-dimensionality and spectral extension.”

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