TriangleArt Ultimate TA-350M Monoblock Amplifiers $59,900/Pair Review

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“I always enjoy reviewing tube-based amplification as, to me, it really takes a level-headed engineer to design one that is both simple, but robust and clear of outside interference. Tube-based amplifiers can be prone to microphonics, ground hum, or just about any other noise on one’s power line. In my opinion, vacuum-tube amplifiers are more susceptible to this than any transistor-based amplifier—but if designed right, it can be quite an enjoyable experience. The only thing I got out of these amplifiers was pure music, although I did have one run-in with outside interference, I had some Christmas decorations up that would cause a tiny noise from the speakers during quiet passages.”


Analog Domain Artemis power amplifiers review

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“Analog Domain amplifiers are designed to give you the freedom of choice – to enjoy your music at any level. They have the ability to play gently in a late-night listening session or to shake the house foundations on a mad party. They can be safely driven to the limit, even over-driven, retaining perfect control and resolution at any power level.

When speakers are locked and loaded optimally quite a few attributes move from their typical point of operation. A properly designed amplifier can remove quite a few primary speakers’ problems (like uncontrolled lower register). It might sound a bit controversy, but when loudspeakers drivers are handled with constant and matching power delivery, there is less sonic interaction with the room. The listening environment is simply less amplified, thus serving the more unaltered sonic projection. ”


Audionet Stern and Heisenberg Amplifiers, Full Review

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“Do the Emotiva PA-1 amplifiers have ANY audible shortcomings? As good as their bass is, I’ve heard better, but seldomly. Now I will admit that my experience with these amplifiers could be the result of fortuitous circumstance, with speakers that particularly like the B&O factory voicing of the amplifiers.

After all, I only tried the amps with two pairs of speakers. But my audio amigo, Garbulky, also tried these amplifiers with his Axiom speakers and formed much the same impressions that I did (and before I’d given him any hint of my opinions on the amps). I guess that “only” 140 watts could be a limitation for those who want “theater-level” sound-pressure-levels for their home theaters, but for stereo listening, these amps are da schizz.”


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“Many factors make just about any significant purchase a tricky decision and a serious audio amplifier is no different. Price is a prominant place to start. The reputation of the manufacturer is indeed another. The appearance and general presence of the product, its future compatibility with the rest of the system, perhaps the potential for an upgrade and the reality of how it compares with rivals. All these things are likely to play a part. But, maybe the most important thing for me is just whether I enjoy listening to it. A strange comment perhaps. I can’t remember the last time I heard an amplifier that was “bad”. By that, I mean an amplifier that left me emotionally cold and disinterested. ”


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“Day-to-Day life with the PW Amp was all I could hope for. There is a connection for a sub and you can even make use of a nice Turntable with a good Phono Stage via the single set of Analog Inputs. What could be better? I love the ease and versatility and I admire the “Tech” contained within our little gem here. This can be the cornerstone of your audio world for a long time to come. Just add speakers – and maybe even a sub should you chose to “woof-woof”. I hope to be able to try some of the powered and wireless speakers Paradigm offers in this Premium Wireless Series. They’ve thought it out for you – and it would be awfully hard to make a mistake within this eco-system. Paradigm is after all… a World Class Company.

I’m not really ready to conclude – but I guess I had better. This is amazing product that offers a very complete solution for modern-day music lovers, including some remarkable DSP Tech. Paradigm serves this all wrapped up in a package that’s approachable and positively yummy in every way. Looks great, sounds incredible… and offers all you could possibly hope for in a package that’s HALF of the kilo-buck you could be paying for this. At $499 this is simply a cannot miss – no mistake product for newly minted audiophiles or seasoned audio veterans.”

VTL S-200 Signature Stereo Amplifier $12,500 Review

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“Even though my general recommendation would be triode for chamber music and small jazz ensembles (or hard/bright recordings), for a better depth of soundstage; and tetrode for large-scale, wider-dynamic, and wider-range discs that are well recorded—we often won’t know until we sample both.

One interesting example was my well-worn copy of Milstein playing Bach’s Sonatas and Partitas for violin [DG]. Here, although I thought I would prefer triode operation, Milstein’s fiddle came across as muffled and rhythmically plodding, less immediate and immersive. Whereas in tetrode there was far more upper-end air, a keener sense of bow on strings, lilt and momentum to his playing, and a conveyance of the instrument’s whiskey-warm sound.”

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