Audiophilepure Recommended Components

Audiophilepure Recommended components

1.Avantgrade Acoustic Uno Nano Loudspeaker
A beautiful sense of intimacy and scale that I’ve only heard from these speakers.

2..MBL 101E Radialstahlier
Mind blowing definition & pace.

1. Balanced Audio Technology VK-55
The Best Amplifier I’ve ever heard PEROID.

2.Jeff Rowland – Model 302 Stereo Amplifier
The blacklist background I’ve ever heard.

1.JL Audio Fathom
Never ending controlled bass,transition.

2.Velodyne Digital Drive DD-18
A tremendous wait and impact.



Headphones Refrence :

1,ABYSS AB-1266 PHI HEADPHONES:A truely Refrence pair of cans
2.ZMF Verite Headphones: Lovely up and the scales

Budget Headphone:
1,Dan Clark Audio AEON Flow Open:Dark and Lovely

2.Auudze LCDi3 In -ear Headphone:

3.CamFire Audio IO:

 Headphone Amp:

Woo AudioWA6 Class A Headphone Amp – $699
Makes you wonder why people pay more.

1.Blue Hawaii Special Amp
A Reference point for all headphone amps to be judge.

2.Cavlli Audio Liquid Glass Hybrid
A Unique sound that makes time irreverent.

Budget Headphone Amps

1.Chord Mojo

2.Schiit Audio Valhalla II:


Speakers Budget:
Magnepan MMG Speakers $600
This $600 speaker can turn a non believers into a believer.



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