AudioSolutions Figaro M Loudspeakers $7500 Review

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“Starting at the low end — my primary complaint about the Figaro B’s sound — I cued up some hip-hop: “Practice,” from Drake’s Take Care (16-bit/44.1kHz FLAC, Cash Money). The bass drops at 0:54 in, deep synth tones pulsing and pounding through the woofers. The Figaro Ms handled the onslaught of low frequencies and maintained their composure even at high volume, providing me with deep, taut, detailed bass. I could easily distinguish the bass notes’ various pitches. The Figaros’ overall bass output didn’t overwhelm my room; in fact, for cabinets of this size, I was somewhat underwhelmed. The overall experience was satisfying, but bass-heads should know that the Figaro M is not the last word in bass slam and extension.”

Bowers & Wilkins PX7 Wireless noise-canceling headphones REVIEW

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Deep Core 1800 Power Conditioner

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I’ve always experienced power line conditioning products to have a more noticeable effect on vacuum tube gear than solid-state, and the Deep Core offers the same result. Interestingly enough, regardless of circuit topology in the source component, the Deep Core had a more profound effect on lower priced gear, no doubt because these components do not have as sophisticated power supplies as those further up the range.

Proof for the snubbing effect took no more than powering up my vintage Dynaco Stereo 70, which always makes a nasty click through the speakers. Via the Deep Core, tweeter destroying clicks are a thing of the past. My mid 80s vintage Linn LP-12 is guilty of the same offense. Again, its crimes pardoned with the Deep Core in place. If you happen to be riddled with noise in your environment from an older furnace or appliance somewhere, the Deep Core may be the only thing that cleanses the artifacts these things produce from your listening environment.

Power products are basic – you either hear the difference they make in your audio system or you don’t. Some change the sound without necessarily improving the presentation or revealing more musical detail.”

Sonarworks True-Fi

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“The app can’t work miracles, though, and my 20-year-old CD of Spem In Alium by Thomas Tallis sounds only marginally clearer. With its single-minded focus on creating a neutral sound, the app doesn’t provide much in the way of manual controls, other than an ‘age’ slider and simple +8/-8dB bass tweak.”

Warwick Acoustics Sonoma Model One review

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You’ll need to be a little careful if you’re using the analogue inputs. Both have specified upper signal limits – the RCA will take 2.1v while the 3.5mm jack is limited to 0.85v – and if you go beyond these it’s possible to overload the circuit, though the only consequence is likely to be distorted sound rather than any real damage. If you need to use analogue it’s probably best to use a source that has a volume control built-in so you can turn down the signal level if the energizer has any issues.

All input signals are handled in the digital domain, so any analogue input is converted before any other processing is done. This conversion is done by a 32-bit/384kHz AKM Premium ADC, which is claimed to have a signal to noise ratio in excess of 120dB. There’s a good deal of signal processing done in the box with the aim of accounting for the headphones electrical characteristics and so getting the optimum sound possible”


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“From a build quality perspective these are very nice. They consist of three separate parts. The bottom shell, the top shell and the face plate. Top and bottom shell are in the same gunmetal colour, but the face plate is slightly lighter. The entire body is pretty shiny and if you are worried about getting your smudgy fingerprints on there, you should be. Because the AK T9iE shows you every little bit of dirt and leaving prints on it is very easy. If you’re like me and you hate that, you’ll clean them every day.

The T9iE comes with an MMCX connection, so you can cable roll if you have a suitable cable on hand. The original AK T8iE had massive problems with its MMCX sockets. Back in 2016 I owned a pair of them as well. After two months they died on me because of a failing socket. Of course the warranty covered that, but still a bummer. With the T9iE it seems A&K/Beyerdynamic is now using a more robust socket. I haven’t had any issues in the months that I used them.”

Nagra Classic Integrated amplifier Review

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“The Classic was not overtly powerful or explicit in presentation but one does get a level of panoramic soundstage with believable depth and presence when they were in the recordings – the Damien Rice O and live Chick Corea Akoustik Band albums were just exquisite.

Treble purity was excellent, sounding free of grain and any artefacts like hiss or sibilance, again save where one perceived them to be part of the recording (or generated by the other components used!). The midrange sounded unadulterated, the Classic just seeming to be less in the way in recreating the sounds of individual instruments which, in a string quartet recording, could be picked out of the precisely defined soundstage as though it was physicality present with the music.”

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