December 28, 2019 § Leave a comment

“It pains me to say, but as much as I love the original Olympica IIIs that have anchored my media room setup for four years now, the new Olympica Nova Vs are superior in every way imaginable. The three woofers on the Olympica Nova Vs offer a significant improvement in bass output as well as depth. More surprising is that even with the additional bass, the Olympica Nova Vs were less sensitive to positioning in my room. This bass also seemed to blend better with the midrange, creating a more cohesive experience. The Olympica Nova Vs sound phenomenal with well-recorded classical and jazz yet can totally rock out if you prefer more dynamic styles of music, like EDM or Metal. The larger cabinet and improved construction seem to have made a fuller-bodied sounding speaker as well. Male and female vocals are handled with equal aplomb. Much like their predecessors, they present great detail and dynamics without crossing over towards harsh or clinical sound. “

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