Focal Stella Utopia EM Evo Loudspeaker $149,998 Review

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The Stella Utopia EM Evo acquitted itself well during the evaluation period, with impressive transparency, lightning quick transient response, near unlimited dynamic playback capability, excellent lateral soundstaging and imaging, very good image height, and great instrumental separation to complement very tight, controlled, and refined bass response. The Ash Grey finish on the evaluation pair is as beautiful to look at as the sound produced by the speaker. Since the current version Stella’s introduction in 2018, many new upper-high-end speakers have entered the market from several manufacturers. Today, these Stella Utopia EM Evos continue to produce excellent sound that is competitive with all of them. Go listen and hear for yourself how Stella(r) sounding they can be.


Focal Bathys Bluetooth Active Noise $799 Review

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If you want audiophile quality, this is the best-sounding Bluetooth headphone for under a thousand dollars without a doubt. If you want a little bit of softer sounding and cleaner aesthetics, shoot for the Levinson 5909. Something I’ve been understanding more with more experience in the audiophile game is that you should try to search for your sound. Bluetooth headphones are bidding for just that, and you need to listen to compare if the fit is right for you. Sound-wise, these $799 Bathys are fantastic. Get them, you won’t regret it. 


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With suede pads, the higher treble range is inoffensive, forgiving and smooth. However, the lower treble range is surprisingly pushed forward, which is unexpected. When it comes to leather pads, the treble is more balanced with better consistency. The extension is nice, although it’s not exceptional.

The treble presentation is something I would call relaxed but well-defined. It reproduces the treble in a crispy way, but there’s no harshness whatsoever. Highs have a very good definition with plenty of detail. If you like your treble crisp, but effortless, the FT3 would give you that. The treble has a very good resolution as well.

GIK Acoustics Sound Blocks Review

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Nit-picking aside, the only other problem is they are addictive; don’t be surprised if you start with one trio of Sound Blocks and end up with a wall or two of them dotted around your listening room. It’s possible to overdo acoustic treatment, but I think the Sound Block’s balance is such you’d need to absolutely fill a room with them to get close.

GIK’s Sound Blocks are a useful tool in the audio enthusiast’s arsenal. In fact, I can imagine there will be a host of audio dealers buying these in bulk if only to correct imbalances in their demonstration rooms. Whether bolted to the wall or used on their rail system, these are an extremely effective treatment that works exceptionally well. We love ‘em!

Mastersound 845 Compact integrated amplifier $10,495 Review

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The Mastersound Compact 845 hits all my sonic sweet spots: gorgeous, burnished tube tone, palpable instrumental texture, unerring naturalism, lush, rich, transparent midrange, solid bass, open treble, black background, precise layering of instruments and vocals—and the deepest, punchiest soundstage I’ve heard. It was also eerily quiet. Like the Audio Note Meishu Tonmeister integrated amplifier, I would be happy to live with this amplifier for the rest of my days. With the Compact 845, Mastersound moves to the front row in the hallowed hall of master tube-amplifier manufacturers, alongside Shindo, Audio Note, Air Tight, Line Magnetic, Luxman, and PrimaLuna.

Magni Piety Headphone Amp Review

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TAD CE1TX loudspeaker $32,500 REVIEW

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My definition of the word “best,” as applied to audiophile speakers, would include expressions like “extremely well-sorted” and “exposes everything” and “flawless tone.” This thought struck me now because exactly these words passed through my head over and over during the hundreds of hours I spent listening with the TAD CE1TX’s. These luxuriously appointed standmounts specialize in converting tiny signal currents into moving air with atomic-clock precision—all by itself, a captivating phenomenon to witness. But what elevated these new TADs to a level of performance I’ve rarely experienced from any speakers, anywhere, at any price is the coexistence of that atomic-clock precision with an innate ability to present instruments and voices in a most agreeable, seductive manner.


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Of course, the Euforia evo still works as a Pre-amp as well, just like before. I have been using it this way in my speaker setup in my office and I must admit it is very good. The smooth tonality the evo ads to the delivery is a pleasure to the ear. This review will focus on the headphone amplification part only, but it’s important to say the evo is an excellent pre-amp as well.

Songer Audio S1 Field Coil Point-Source Loudspeaker $37,000 Review

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Songer Audio S1 point-source loudspeakers produced a prodigious musically engaging and lively sound. There is an alluring sense of elegant beauty that has an aura and sense of hearing music performed at a theater, club, or being present at the recording studio venue. The Songer Audio loudspeakers have a brilliant and coherent presentation that enables the impact, speed, and pace of the music to be appreciated and heard. Their imaging ability is a magic act that is big, deep, and wide. It is something particularly friendly, relaxing, and non-fatiguing. The sound of music remains enjoyable even when listening from areas outside of the sweet spot chair. I think the resolution, transparency, and time alignment of the single source driver is what enables the S1 to have so much coherency with natural breath and sweep in the sound.


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After the bass section, surely the treble section is most exciting and most retuned. Treble is lively and energetic, with a spacious, clean, and precise delivery. Treble extends well but always is perfectly controlled. The popular peak is still their around 3kHz and the roll-off starts around 8kHz but you never get the feeling of missing out. At the same time treble is always clean and lively to the ear, never becoming harsh, sharp, or unpleasant. For me this tuning works really well.

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