Recommended Components: 2018 Edition

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“Components listed here have been formally reviewed in Stereophile and have been found to be among the best available in each of four or five quality classes. Whether a component is listed in Class A or Class E, we highly recommend its purchase.”


Mundorf MA30 Anniversary SilverGold speaker Review

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“I could go on and on about how much these speakers impressed me, but I think I have made my point. Speakers are a very personal choice and have the power to make or break a great home system. The Mundorf MA30 Anniversary SilverGold speakers are, to my ears, an engineering marvel. When either purchased as a kit or fully assembled, to my knowledge there are no speakers that deliver the sheer likeability, musicality, and tonality that these do at anywhere near their asking price. I would like to thank Mr. Simon Au for the opportunity to experience the Mundorf MA30 SilverGold Speakers. They are indeed a magnificent two-way monitor and a must listen if you are in the market for a stand-mount speaker.”

Audioengine introduce A5+ Wireless loudspeaker Review

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“Fortunately, the Audioengine guys have included the AAC to prevent iOS device pairings from dropping down to the inferior sounding SBC. More info on that here. iMac and Macbook users should see/hear an aptX connection. Windows support for aptX (HD), like Android, will vary according to the hardware manufacturer.”

Rethm Maarga Loudspeakers $9750 Review

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“Before hearing them, I was concerned that the Maargas would be hard-pressed to do justice to rock. I was wrong. The Rethms could indeed rock — not with the usual in-your-face, concussive, frontal assault, but in a more subterranean, earthquake kinda way when I turned them up loud. The flabbergasting thing was when I used them to listen to rock at low volumes. It’s hard to imagine that a speaker could deliver utterly compelling rock at a level of only 60dB, but that’s exactly what the Maargas did, and like no other speaker I’d heard.”

KEF Q750 Loudspeakers Review

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“Like almost every hi-fi speaker now made by KEF, the Q750 is based on their Uni-Q driver technology. Uni-Qs are coaxial drivers; each one comprises a tweeter operating inside the cone of a midrange or midrange-woofer driver. This is done so that the soundwaves generated by the two drivers emanate from the same point in space, to make their combined output a “point source” of sound. (Only KEF’s lower-priced C models still use discrete tweeters and midrange or midrange-woofer cones.) The Q750’s Uni-Q has a 1” dome tweeter and a 6.5” midrange-woofer, the latter left unfiltered on its low end, to extend its output as low in the bass as possible. To add to the midrange-woofer’s bass to increase extension and output, the Q750 also has a 6.5” woofer augmented by two 6.5” passive radiators.”


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“The sleek dimensions of the ULTRA 9 design fits nicely into any sound room yet brings all the transparency, attack, dynamic authority and panoramic soundstage of its larger sibling, the ULTRA 11. All the components and voicing are identical to that of the larger flagship, just “right sized” to fit real-world sound room dimensions. The ULTRA 9 projects a sound field that is so dynamic that it sounds like a far larger system.”

Sonus Faber Guarneri Tradition loudspeaker $15,900 Review

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“After some experimentation, I positioned the Guarneri Traditions close to where the TAD Micro Evolution Ones had been when I listened to them for the review published elsewhere in this issue: with their woofers 74″ from the wall behind them, and, due to my room’s slight asymmetry, the left speaker’s woofer 27″ from the LPs lining the nearest wall, the right speaker’s 42” from the books lining that wall. These positions slightly shelved down the low frequencies but gave the best transition between the mid- and upper-bass regions. The kick drum at the beginning of a live 2010 recording of Phish playing Little Feat’s “Time Loves a Hero” (16-bit/44.1kHz FLAC, no longer available) was both well defined and had sufficient, er :

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