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“The overall tonality of the Dragon Legend is unmistakably North European, they carry the sonic characteristics of speakers such as Dynaudio, Gamut, Vienna Acoustics, but not as warm and velvety as some of the ATCs or Sonus Fabers. They definitely do not resemble the sound of Wilson or Magico which are at the further end of the opposite spectrum, nor do they resemble the more neutral Focal Grande Utopias. The strongest characteristics are the remarkably organic and human like qualities which it exhibits so well, and they also possess a mid range so rich and colorful which reminds me of the famous soft dome mid range found in ATC and older PMC speakers, but a higher definition and none of that boxiness characteristics. ”



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“Brass, harp, bass drum and the powerful interjecting male choir counterpointing Mitchell’s distressed lyrics, emerged from the Bronze 6 and into my modest listening room. And here’s the thing, despite this $1599 speaker’s obvious limitations, what is delivered is so emotionally satisfying it leaves you wondering if there’s a more communicative floorstander at the price point.”

Sigma Acoustics MAAT loudspeakers 157,000.00 EUR Review

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“A top performance and an experience that I cannot define just interesting. I am on the right path when I think that the playback music must be convincing at high volumes, a paramount condition to verify the quality of an audio system. I am persuaded that the high efficiency is the right way because is the best in reproducing the detail, the sound image, the tone colour, the dynamics and the musical pressure with low distortion. However, to do something new, you need drivers with a specific target and design. You cannot rely only on schemes, calculations, or measurements that can – IMHO – flatten and standardize performances and sounds”

MarkAudio-SOTA Viotti One Loudspeaker $2,495 Review

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“Turning to digital tracks, with Tidal HiFi music streaming, I played The Cranberries latest album. Released in April 2017, The Cranberries Something Else, includes a wonderful set of reinterpreted acoustic hit singles of the 90’s famed band. On the track “Linger”, the Viotti One produced razor-edge imaging and a distinct soundstage. Treble notes were sharp and quick, with cymbals possessing a beautiful shimmer. There was also a sugary sweetness to Delores’ vocals, adding to my engagement. The treble quality was akin to what I’ve heard with ribbon tweeters, while always remaining well integrated with the midrange.”

Bowers & Wilkins 705 S2 speakers $1,250 Review

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“Still, the one area where the 705 S2 didn’t get high marks was with rock music — it just didn’t have the guts to slam me against the listening chair with the Pixies’ “Doolittle.” The speakers played loud enough, but dynamic kicks held back a smidge. Switching over to the Klipsch Forte III speakers satisfied my lust for rock thrills, but that speaker can’t touch the 705 S2 for refinement and clarity.”

Dynaudio Contour 60 Loudspeakers Reviews

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“In addition to the great sound, in the Contour 60 you’ll also get a speaker that’s built extremely well and has some upscale features, like that thick aluminum baffle, that many speakers costing much more wear proudly. The finish options are diverse and, from what I’ve seen, finely executed. Given Dynaudio’s generous warranty of eight years, and the prominence of the brand’s name for resale value, there’s really no going wrong with the Dynaudio Contour 60. It’s one of the best ways to spend ten grand in the high end that I’ve seen in my many years of reviewing.”

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