2017 Editors’ Choice: Loudspeakers $10,000-$20,000

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“The UniField Two is a 2.5-way design in which a 7″ coaxial driver is augmented below 80Hz by an aluminum-cone woofer. Internal chambers define a mini-labyrinth, which significantly dampens the vent output. The coaxial technology together with a non-resonant enclosure yields exceptional soundstaging and image focus. Expect impressive bass-range performance when the UniField is matched with a high-damping-factor solid-state amplifier, though the bass balance will be shifted toward the midbass. The UniField competes effectively with British stand-mounts from Spendor and Harbeth, offering greater rhythmic precision and bass heft.”

Audio Physic Step plus Speakers $2,599 Review

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” The closer to the wall you go, the more bass, but there reaches a point where it begins to compromise the exquisite imaging capabilities. Move the speakers up and back a few inches at a time, and you’ll know immediately when you hit it. The magic disappears, and it disappears abruptly. A similar effect happens moving the speakers side to side, go a little too far, and your hard earned coherence vanishes.”

MB-5 Loudspeakers $6950 Review

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“Don’t get me wrong, these small drivers matched with the right amplification, can output frequencies way below audible providing the other important part of listening to music, which is the physical part—feeling it! I’ve got a sub in my room that isn’t even connected to the system where everyone that hears these speakers assumes the sub is in the chain—but once I show them the disconnected power plug, the jaws start to drop. ”


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The »Hommage 22A« loudspeaker is at the top of the Auditorium23 line: a blend of both new and old, the latter owing to our new speaker’s forebear, the original 22A horn from the legendary American company Western Electric. Today, vintage 22A horns fetch premium prices on the international auction scene; the A23 »Hommage 22A« was made possible by the Chinese company Line Magnetic, whose 22A replicas are of the highest quality – yet are nonetheless affordable”


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‘While this is a single product review I have to comment on the synergy of the two Minnesota based brands; Bel Canto, and Magnepan. For a system that comes in at under £10,000 to sound this fantastic and to be as practical from a living space point of view is terrific. Small home owners need never look with wistfulness on their friends’ ‘Audiophile’ system again. This is not a compromise at any level. It is music.”

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