Dali Callisto 6 C Wireless Loudspeakers $5,747 Review

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“Master volume can be adjusted via the app, the Sound Hub’s remote control or volume knob, or by swiping across the top front of either Callisto speaker. Any way you go, data is relayed to the Sound Hub so that all components remain fully synchronized, and a row of white LED indicators on the 6 C’s front reflect the adjustment. While DALI’s remote handles the system’s control basics, I found myself relying on the BluOS app for everyday use. Compared with many other wireless control apps I’ve encountered, this one proved extremely easy to setup and use. It instantly recognized the NPM-1 module installed in the Sound Hub and making a wireless connection with a Bluesound Pulse 2i speaker in my kitchen was a simple matter of selecting it in my iPhone’s Wi-Fi setup panel and entering my password. The app features two control panels: one for selecting individual players (or multiroom player groups) and a second for playback sources like streaming apps, Internet radio stations, or UPnP servers. (BluOS has already been covered in-depth in multiple Sound & Vision Bluesound and NAD product reviews.) For my purposes, I linked the app to my Tidal, Qobuz, and TuneIn accounts. I also verified that both the DALI Sound Hub and Bluesound Pulse 2i worked as Roon endpoints,”


Klipsch Forte III speakers Review

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“I also heard another pair of Forte IIIs at a friend’s apartment with a very high-end Japanese Shindo Haut Brion tube amp, and the sound was to die for. I heard similar treble sweetness with solid state amps such as the Schiit Aegir, First Watt J2 and F7, and a Pass Labs XA100.5 in my large listening room.

The Forte IIIs’ effortless sound with high volume listening was expected — lots of big speakers can do that — but the Forte III also excelled with late night quiet levels. Detail and dynamics were consistent, regardless of volume level. The Forte IIIs let you feel the music.”

KEF LSX Wireless Music System Review

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“There was definitely some boundary-reinforcing going on and while the bass felt large, it never sounded sluggish or boomy. Things had a noticeable improvement thanks to a little help from the KEF Control app which lets you use DSP settings to fine-tune placement parameters. KEF calls this their “Music Integrity Engine.” These parameters include; where the speakers are placed (desk or stands), distance from the front edge of desk, distance to rear wall, room size, room tuning (Dampened, Moderate, Lively), dB-adjustments (-6dB~0dB) for Desk Mode, Wall Mode, Treble Trim, Phase Correction and Bass Extension (Less, Standard, Extra). Dialling-in the DSP helped tighten-up the notes between the lower octaves without it sounding like it had lost any of its punch. Ditto for upper-frequency extension which remained sweet, and airy without sacrificing resolution. Midrange was defined, bouncy, had meat on the bones and instruments like guitars, cellos, stand-up bass, piano and organ carried impact close to commiserate with their size.”


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“The other half of the ‘not what you do’… equation is to be found in the crossover; the M126Be has a ‘high order’ (actually, fourth-order) slopes provided by film-only capacitors and air core inductors. This is a well-regarded approach to keeping distortion at a minimum and transparency good and high. The mid/bass driver has an aluminium cone of the sort Revel describes as a ‘deep ceramic composite’ and is finished in the same white as the tweeter waveguide. The colour contrast gives it and the PerformaBe floorstander a distinctive look that sets them apart from the crowd, but you can’t help wondering if they got the idea from their colleagues at JBL who have used white woofers for decades. Little is said about the box itself, which presumably means it’s fairly conventional in construction but distinguishes itself with a curved top section finished in metallic black with the brand embossed in relief using a process called electroforming. The finishing overall is to an exceptional standard. On the back panel there is a reflex port and a single pair of cable terminals. Bi-wiring seems to be on the wane these days; it’s hard to say whether that’s because of fashion or the limited aesthetic appeal of cables in an increasingly wireless world, but I for one am all for it. ”

Revel Performa F228Be Loudspeaker £10,000 Review

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“Let the Revels begin: these wonderfully enjoyable speakers are able to conjure realistic scale and impact while conveying all the detail and flow of whatever’s being played. With effortless dynamics, fine integration and the ability to create excellent 3D soundstage images, they deserve very serious auditioning if you’re in the market at this level – and show a clean pair of heels to some more expensive rivals, too. ”

Klipsch RP-600M: Review

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Cube Nenuphar single driver speakers

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