Dynaudio Xeo 20 wireless active speakers

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Dachorn Kron Speakers Review

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“The Dachorn Kron speakers system is an exemplary 21st-century product that embraces and blends numerous contemporary technologies and approaches. All the know-how and R and D results in the standout, out of the box loudspeaker design that steps up from the usual norms. The complex enclosure, DSP and dedicated amplifiers provides seamless integration of different technological approaches and the sound that is subordinate to the music.”

JBL Synthesis L100 Classic Loudspeaker Review

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“The trickling keys of Red Richards’ piano sounded so close to the real thing that it made me laugh a little during the recording. Likewise, for Howard Johnson’s alto saxophone. The only caveat I had during my listening test with this record was that the bass did lack that last quarter or half octave of range, which cost it a touch of scale, though its dynamics and upper registers were on absolute point. Aside from that, the L100 Classic ranks as one of the more coherent three-way loudspeakers I’ve ever heard.”

KEF, First Watt, Rogue, and more

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ELAC’s Navis ARB-51

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Bowers & Wilkins 705 S2 $2500 Review

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“For me, however, the 705 S2’s strengths made this single weakness seem minor. In fact, I can claim that B&W’s new Continuum driver, as implemented in the 705 S2, is largely responsible for luring me back into the fold of proud B&W owners: I’ve bought a pair of 705 S2s. And now that I’ve reinserted the miniDSP Dirac Live room-correction processor in the digital signal chain and recalibrated my system, I can say with confidence that the strengths ascribed above to the 705 S2 are, if anything, more evident, and the shortcomings eliminated. Now it’s time to look at buying a high-quality subwoofer to augment their sound. Overall, the Bowers & Wilkins 705 S2 is easy to recommend.”

Wilson Audio Sabrina Review

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