Tekton Design Brilliance Floorstanding Loudspeaker $3000 Review

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“Within my 6000 cubic foot room I did very well with 18 Class A watts from my SET monoblocks. In a smaller room, 8 Watts from a 300B tube should do quite nicely at reasonable listening levels. The same principle applies to solid state amplifiers if you lean in that direction and to other components in your rig, as well, although I would caution against going cheap at your front end. Everything matters and the affordable price of the Brilliance may leave you with additional funds to improve other areas of your system.”



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“Those wanting a damn fine system with no pre-existing Linn Konditions are a little more nuanced in approach, but not much. In a way, the complete Klimax system makes multiple arguments at once: it makes a case for the Linn way of doing things, it makes the ultimate expression of active, Exakt, and Katalyst performance, and it suggests why that “the source is in the speaker” tag line actually makes quite a lot of sense when you listen to the ultimate expression of that concept.”


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” The JWM Acoustics Alyson AML have some unusual strengthens. As I spent more time with the Alyson’s I came to the realization that the Alyson’s are the most coherent speakers that I have ever heard. They sound even more coherent than full range electrostatics. I think that is because they present a consistent tonality across the frequency of the music being reproduced. Coupled with the superior rhythmic timing and the terrific dynamics of the JWM Acoustics Alyson AML design the music is presented as a complete organic whole. The speaker is elegant in its reproduction of harmonics.”

Reference 3A Reflector Stand Mounted Monitor $12,000 per pair Review

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“However, the Reflector is still a small enough stand-mounted speaker to reap all the benefits of the design: it has only two drivers, is very efficient, has no crossover network, and its imaging and soundstage is fantastic, so if properly positioned it is possible for the speakers to become sonically invisible. Its tweeter behaves as good as any dynamic tweeter I’ve ever heard. Best of all, the two drivers work together as a seamless pair, creating a soundstage as large as the recording will allow it to be. The Reflector is an extremely musical speaker, too.”

Audio Physic Codex Loudspeakers $14,995 Review

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” I went on to enjoy “Serene,” an instrumental that’s much too easy to get lost in. I leaned back, letting my foot tap to Bruce’s rhythmic bass, and began to focus on each element onstage. Beck’s electric guitar is clearly the focal point of this track, and the Codexes did a commendable job of balancing the instrument’s dynamism and tonality. E-guitars can sometimes sound a bit screechy through speakers as detailed as the Codex, but I heard none of that. What I heard were smooth, dense, vibrant notes complemented by Bruce’s unfailing bass and Jason Rebello’s melodic keyboards. About two-thirds of the way into the track, behind Colaiuta’s drums and fast, transient brass, I was treated to an airy if somewhat recessed tambourine. It was easy to discern the different types of brass at play. Holographic, resolute, and articulate? The Audio Physic Codex was all three.”

Polk Signature S55 Floorstanding Speakers Review

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” The Polk Signature S55 speakers are spectacular speakers, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience I had with them. Tone, clarity, and overall quality of sound were better than I expected at this price range. You will probably find that they can just about keep up with any associated equipment you might have, barring the most premium or esoteric. As the foundation of a Polk Signature Series surround sound system, the S55 delivers everything you need for a perfectly thrilling movie, TV, or surround music experience. It also performs very well with two-channel music, although as I said above you might think about going slightly upmarket if you need a grander sense of scale for a larger room. For those who want to remain firmly in the sub-$700 price range, the Polk Signature S55 is an investment that you will not regret.”


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“As for Bowers & Wilkins’ 805D3? What a revelation of a speaker. Compared to the 805D2 model it replaces, the D3 adds vivacity and translucence to the D2’s refinement and detailing qualities. Moreover its responsiveness and dynamics conjure a human quality to its reproduction of vocals in a way few speakers at any price points can rival.

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