Zu speakers, a PrimaLuna pre, First Watt J2 amp

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Revel Concerta 2 Speaker Series

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JBL Hartsfield Completed

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$85,000.00 Sonus Faber Il Cremonese Speakers

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Sonus Faber Sonetto II Speakers Review

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“So then, did the Sonus Faber Sonetto II speakers cause me to change my listening preferences forever? Well, not exactly; but the invitation to explore that a bit of extra romance and sonic panache was delightful. In fact, these speakers are just exceptional. I think of the Sonus Fabers as mood speakers- as in, they put me in the mood! I can close my eyes and visualize myself cruising down the canals of Venice under the light of the stars, or maybe being serenaded along with mia amore by an Italian tenor in the town square. If that doesn’t make you want to smile, then I don’t know what would! Bellissimo!”

Goldmund Presents The New Prana Active Speaker

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“Prana has been designed to provide a sound that is the closest to reality. No colouration, no noise, no distortion, the Prana reproduces entirely and exactly what has been recorded. It comes with the implementation of the Goldmund mechanical grounding technology that evacuates spurious vibrations that affect the signal quality. And if Goldmund is absolutely obsessed by sound quality, stubborn about providing its customers with the best existing reproduction, this is simply because only the highest level of realism can bring the highest level of pleasure and emotion.”

Acoustic Preference Gracioso 1.0 LE/ST speakers review

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“For the sonic velocity they’re able to project they cannot be taken lightly, considering the cabinet’s size. The solid wood and segmental structure place them on a completely different map than most of the speakers on the market. And the value for the price cannot be overlooked by any measures. You’ll have a tough time finding fully solid wood speakers nowhere near the price, even without the stands that have the identical structure!. ”

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