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“The ELAC Vela BS 403 has been created to make decent loudspeakers appeal to those who value style as much as content; the world it seems is not yet able to appreciate that listening brings you closer to God when looks are not considered. Hey, we have Jersey Shoreand Big Brother…it’s a shallow universe! This speaker, however, toes the fine line between the conflicting demands of making concessions to contemporary styling but not so much as to undermine its effortless sound. If you are looking for a speaker that fits into a modern lifestyle and encourages you to unwind at the end of the day, this should be on your ‘must hear’ list. ”


KEF LS50 Mini Monitor Review

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“To be honest, I was surprised the KEF LS50 monitors weren’t more polarizing. It isn’t going to be for everyone. Some are going to prefer a more organic, richer, and fuller sounding speaker.

The KEF LSX might actually be a great alternative if you enjoy some of that KEF signature but prefer a more euphoric sound. It won’t beat the LS50 on the technicals, but undeniably sweet sounding.”

Dali Callisto 2C loudspeaker system

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Bowers & Wilkins 705 S2 Loudspeakers Review

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“Differences in the midrange, as I focused on voices, were less obvious. The lead vocal in Blue Rodeo’s “Bad Timing” had slightly more presence through the M106es, but wasn’t as smooth as through the 705 S2s. In this track, there are a couple of moments when Jim Cuddy, perhaps leaning in too close to the mike, belts out a lyric that gives the sound an edge or glare that makes me wince, no matter what speakers I hear it through. I’m not sure why this occurs (it may be exacerbated by the size of my room), but what I am sure about is that the Revels made me wince quite a bit more than the B&Ws did. The Revels did, however, manage to score a point against the B&Ws. This and other recordings I played sounded a bit sibilant through the B&Ws, but the Revels had this aspect of the sound completely under control, with no sibilance to speak of.”


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World’s Largest Horn Shatters Glass

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World’s Greatest Speakers

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