SVS Prime Wireless Speaker System

December 30, 2019 § Leave a comment

“With the speaker system connected via Ethernet, I start with a selection of ALAC files. I kick off with Górecki’s Symphony No.3 by the Polish National Radio Symphony, featuring Beth Gibbons. This recording shortens the lengthy introduction of the first movement, and the Prime Wireless grasps the more sudden appearance of the double bass with gusto to deliver a rich tone with the strings. It creates a pleasantly spacious and open sound considering its size, and maintains plenty of space between the strings, allowing the melodies to gracefully intertwine, and – with plenty of power from those four amps – effortlessly soar and fill the room.

The Prime Wireless captures the warmth and sadness of Gibbons’ voice, particularly in the second movement, where the speaker is delicate and clear enough to pick out the whisper of her opening notes, and the fragile tremor that conveys the heartbreak of a mourning mother.

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