Queststyle QP1R – Review

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” Take the track Strom from Australian modern jazz trio Trichotomy. This immaculately engineered 24/48kHz recording sounds like a very decent improvement over CD played on the FiiO: bold, warm, lavishly detailed and dynamic – especially through the Oppo PM-2. On the QP1R, the sound is warmer and richer yet also more pristine, resolute and atmospheric. Drummer John Parker’s delicate stick work acquires new levels of subtle intricacy while Sean Foran’s piano has harmonic complexity and a sense of its own acoustic space, which the FiiO suggests but can’t quite nail. The experience sells ‘hi-res’ so powerfully, it soon has you wondering if you can ever go back to ‘mere’ CD quality.”


Red Dragon S500 stereo amplifier Review

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” Ryan seems to know intuitively that customer service is of paramount importance in today’s consumer climate. I found him to be candid and completely inoffensive, timely in delivering on his promises and paying attention to my requests. For not having met him in person it was a comfortable introduction and purchasing experience.


Audeze’s Sine $449 Review

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” While the soundstage is obviously smaller and more intimate than on open-backed headphones, the Sine through Cipher have more dimension than through the standard cable. Of course, the use of any headphone amp would enhance the sound quality of the Sine, but most other headphone amps aren’t the size of a stick of gum. That a 24-bit, high-resolution DAC/amp/DSP could be crammed into the space where the remote and mic live on a cable and somehow still make a clearly discernable improvement in sound is amazing, and the kind of thing that makes me glad I live in the future.”


Which Is the Best Music Streaming Service?

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” Apple Music has a catalog that rivals Spotify. So if you’re deliberating between the two, there is little difference there. Apple Music’s integration of Beats 1 is a massive benefit and is probably where Apple Music has the upper-hand on Spotify, especially as their paid option is the same price.”

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Transrotor JUPITER Turntable

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” Platter is made of aluminum and it weight 7 kg. It features a vinyl mate on top, and the bottom of the platter is not flat, but has concentric rings, which improve its mechanical properties. Same solution is used in other Transrotor’s models, such as Zet 3, for example, although Jupiter uses a smaller, lighter version of the latter. Platter is placed on a large (Ø 60mm) bearing, that acts also as a subplatter. An AC motor should be placed next to the deck, on the same surface. Its housing is made of brass and is not particularly tall.”


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