Ayre Acoustics KX-R Twenty Preamplifier Review

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“Listening to these vocals revealed other things. For starters, there was the absolutely free-flowing nature of Timmins’s voice. Beginning with “Mining for Gold,” the track that most everyone who listens to this album uses as a reference: The sound was absolutely spooky — music poured from my system so liquidly that it made the sound of the original KX-R seem downright shackled by comparison.”


MBL Corona C15 monoblock power amplifier Review

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“he orchestral image was well delineated, but when the world’s largest violin entered at 2:50 in the first movement, my disbelief became impossible to suspend. With the Joseph Perspectives driven by the Corona C15s, everything in this musically extraordinary but sonically compromised 1969 recording was laid bare.”


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