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The Merrill Replica ES-R1 Turntable Review Read Head

“The vast 20 and 30-something population of music lovers and audiophiles are out there, learning the vinyl ropes through trial and error.”


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hat this loudspeaker does so well is forgive music its sins. Casualties of the Loudness War don’t seem so badly wounded through the Olympica I, while the best recordings are still allowed to shine.”

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V-MODA XS HeadPhone Review Read Here

“The biggest struggle of the portable headphone segment is that size is a huge limiting factor in making the headphones sound good”


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How It’s Made Master and Vinyl Records Video

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The First Western Electric Loudspeakers -Video

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Melody Valve P2688 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Review Read Here

“This system was the most resolved and engaging system I had yet to have in my room. In some ways, it brought back the fondest of memories I have of the best system I ever heard which was some 12 or so years ago. Images were rendered so clearly, and layered so naturally”

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Ayre Acoustics KX-R Twenty Preamplifier Review Read Here

“Listening to these vocals revealed other things. For starters, there was the absolutely free-flowing nature of Timmins’s voice. Beginning with “Mining for Gold,” the track that most everyone who listens to this album uses as a reference: The sound was absolutely spooky — music poured from my system so liquidly that it made the sound of the original KX-R seem downright shackled by comparison.”


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