Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Review

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“Moving on to the audio performance, on tracks with tremendous sub-bass content, like The Knife’s “Silent Shout,” the Momentum Wireless delivers thunderous lows that will please bass lovers. It also doesn’t distort at top listening levels—though, at this price, we’d be stunned if it did. The highs and high-mids on this track feel a bit sculpted, but that’s necessary to counterbalance the booming lows.”



How Can I Get the Best Sound Quality When Streaming Tidal?

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“A Your laptop’s sound card very well might detract from sound quality if it takes the CD-quality digital audio signal streamed from Tidal and converts it to analog. That’s because the digital-to-analog converters built into most laptops aren’t necessarily designed for hi-fi. If you use a digital connection interface such as HDMI, optical, USB, or Ethernet, however, the audio data will bypass the DACs in the computer’s sound card and be routed to your receiver for decoding. So, basically, you’re on the right track.”



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“But when you hear the sound of your favourite LPs, as reproduced by your favourite phono cartridge operating through the Allnic H-1201, you will instantly forget all about resistance and capacitance matching, because you will be so thrilled by the incredible purity of the sound you’re hearing, to the extent that it will likely be as if you’re hearing the music for the first time. The H-1201 retained everything I love about vinyl: the incredible realism of the stereo staging, the precision of the treble, and the organic, rich sound of the bass”



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” he Flow’s bass is detailed, smooth and fast without ever sounding too lean or shallow. It can extend with the right matchup but never really humps or blooms on its way down. It is tuned to behave but with an ever so slight midrange elevation just to keep things musical and weighted rather than analytical and sterile”



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” Unlike some speakers that try too hard by thrusting the midrange at the listener in a vain attempt to impress, these little speakers set up a wide and deep soundstage, assisted by a slightly recessed midrange, and (like the Super-20) a degree of treble lift. They provided a surprisingly big sound from such modest loudspeakers.”


Technics SU-C700 review

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” Unfortunately, when it comes to performance the news is not so good. There’s a real lack of energy in the Technics’ performance, with poor rhythmic drive that often leaves it sounding confused and disorganised. Upbeat tracks lack punch and momentum and softer recordings sound dull and not engaging.”


Car Audio Fabrication – Video

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Sony MDR-Z7 Flagship Review – Video

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“While you may or may not agree with me here, let’s get one thing straight: what Audio Technica attempted to do with the CK10, was done well. The CK10’s dual TWFK balanced armatures aren’t going to blow your bass brains out, nor are they going to make up super-smooth mids. They excel at contrast within the entire range, and simulate a good, somewhat-smooth high midrange, but their focus is on the upper mids and lower treble.”


Garage1217 Project Ember Rerview

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“Although Garage1217 is primarily a pre-built amp provider, they haven’t forgotten their DIY roots and offer their entire product line-up at slightly cheaper pricing in kit form. All kits come bundled with an excellent step by step build manual designed so that even the most novice DIY enthusiast can solder and build to their hearts content with little fuss.”


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