Vapor Audio Derecho Floorstanding Loudspeaker Review

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” The Vapor Audio Derecho is an impressive and fairly capable speaker that does a lot of things very right! The top end is world class, the bass is fun and involving, the midrange is balanced. The fit and finish of this speaker are among the best I have seen, the bare ply sides are impressive and beautiful and the quality of the ash burl used on the top of the speakers in impressive, the speaker is a clearly handmade work of art. ”


Dan D’Agostino built-in streaming CES 2015 – Video

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Martin Logan Neolith, CES 2015- Video

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Alpha Design Systems X1 Live Review

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“There is a smoothness to the audio representation that gives off a sense of a well developed piece of audiophile engineering. The transparent staging presence is something I didn’t expect with a brand new audio component, but it is welcome feel to the norm as this means that for once, a shorter burn-in may be the case rather than the standard 300+hour affair.”


Pass Labs XP-20 Preamplifier and X600.5 monoblock amplifiers Review

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” Audiophiles can be horridly anal about things like meters, and I’m sure the discovery of the needle on the amp hovering to the side of dead center would be a cause for alarm to some. All it takes to quell fears that the Pass Labs X600.5 is not in operational disease is to scan the images on the Internet, where the needle of the functioning amp is seen most often not centered. So, go ahead and lay that irrational demand for a perfectly vertical needle on the Pass Labs meter to rest.”


Parasound Halo P5 Review

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“he other part of the Parasound’s purchasing proposition is its phono stage, and again this is good, holding its own against the sort of thing you can buy separately for £200 or so. It sounds much as the line inputs do, being clean and detailed with an enjoyable and expressive nature. Freeez’s Southern Freeez is great fun, the P5 really carries the track’s relaxed, warm and carefree sound, reminding me of the brilliance of this tune. Ultimately it lacks detail and finesse, but there’s absolutely no sense of it being a cheap, last minute addition. It brings useful extra functionality, and will happily work with a turntable of the calibre of a Michell GyroDec, for example.”


Cyrus Streamline2 Streaming Music Player Review

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” To make the unit easier to navigate, you can assign names to each of the digital inputs – for example input 1 could be CD. The digital inputs can cope with a variety of PCM formats up to 192/24, including Apple Lossless, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, AAC and MP3, but not a DSD bitstream.


Sony SS NA5ES loudspeakers $6000 – Video

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Boulder Amplifiers, 2120 DA Converter, $60,000 CES 2015 – Video

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“With smartphone use increasing all the time, users are often carrying a device that is capable of storing high quality audio files. The HA-2 is a very mobile-centric portable headphone amplifier and DAC that pairs exceptionally well with iOS and Android devices, and it can offer a significant improvement in sound quality over the amplification and DAC available in the mobile device itself, without adding excessive bulk and weight so as to make the combination inconvenient.”


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