Focal Aria 926 Review

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” The Focal family sound is generally very fast, sharp and engaging; these speakers go loud without compression and punch hard on transients, making them lively listens. And the new 926 doesn’t lose any of these good things, but it seems to do everything with a little more elan than you’d have got from the earlier 800 series. There’s a sense that the new cone material gives a smoother and more subtle sound, yet it is no less detailed – indeed it’s quite the reverse”

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Antipodes Audio expands music server distribution network

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” ndustry veteran P.J. Zornosa is set to handle Antipodes Audio distribution in the USA where a fully localised dealer network will be established to handle sales and support. That sure beats having to buy direct from NZ or ship your unit halfway across the world should anything go awry. Know that neither of my Antipodes servers has missed a beat.”


Elipson Planet LW Bridge system review

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” . It’s pretty balanced across the frequency range with good reach at both extremes. Bass is nicely solid and reasonably taut, providing a good foundation for the rest of the frequency range.”


Audio Research Reference 10 Preamplifier Review

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” The Reference 10 didn’t sound even a bit soft or cloying, as even some modern-day tubed preamps can. Its sound was about truth, though not a severe form of it that’s more an ideal than a welcome quality. Dynamics were impressive on both the micro and macro scales, the Reference 10 revealing the tiniest of shifts in inflection from a stringed instrument, then roaring like a jet when the brass let loose. ”



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” The kind of confidence that you see exuded by champion athletes: the confidence that comes with that special combination of balance and power that allows them to meet and beat any challenge, to control any situation. The Stabi M, 4POINT and CAR-50 are all, individually amongst the heaviest products in their class, yet their combined sound is anything but heavy or leaden. Full of pace and energy, it’s light on its feet and explosively dynamic, capable of breathtaking power and weight, but also astonishing finesse and subtlety”


Harman Kardon Soho Wireless headphone – Video

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House of Marley Legend IEM Review

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” The mids themselves are tonally rich with both acoustic guitars and vocals sounding both natural and engaging. Highs were reasonable with very little in the way of sibilance but they don’t offer the kind of extension and sparkle that some treble heads demand but thats a symptom of only having one BA driver. My only other criticism is that of soundstage being that its certainly in ear and rather narrow.”


Cocktail Audio X10 Music System Reviewed

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” The X10 is Samba- and UPnP-capable for network audio playback. A Web interface allows for control and editing of audio files and playlists when the X10 is connected to a network. Do not despair if you do cannot or simply do not want to connect the X10 to a network, as the USB ports allow for the import and export of audio files via external USB drives. The X10 even comes with the FreeDB database on CD (updates available) that can be loaded onto the unit so that the metadata can be accessed for CDs being ripped without an Internet connection.”



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“I placed the third Enhancer under my Bybee AC Conditioner. This particular placement seemed to provide – what is already an extremely good conditioner – even better dynamics and resolution. Excited, I placed the 4th and 5th Enhancers one under my speaker cables and this resulted in an overall quieter and musical presentation.”



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“Bass has great body, goes deep and sounds tight. Like in a lot of monitors bass isn’t always the fastest but I’m not complaining about its speed at all. When called upon in the recording, bass can really impress and that’s the way I like it. It’s not a bass heavy monitor for bass heads but the bass focus certainly is there. I would have liked to have heard a more layered bass with more timbre though, that would have made it perfect.”


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