REL Acoustics No. 31 Review

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BIGGEST SOUND SYSTEM in the PHILIPPINES | featuring 108 Sub 

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Wilson Audio LōKē Subwoofer $8750 REVIEW

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The LoKe has become a valued part of my audio arsenal. Put bluntly, I’m smitten. The most important attribute that it has for my system is to create an enveloping sense of music in my listening room. It suffuses it with music. When I listen without the LoKe, the system simply sounds more two-dimensional. It lacks that sense of oozing sound emanating throughout the room. There are times when I’ll listen to my speakers with no subs at all. (I like to listen to different setups.) But for the ultimate listening pleasure, there’s no substitute for a quad of subs. This is a more than worthy successor to the older Wilson WATCH Dog subwoofer, which was no slouch itself. Daryl Wilson, who has succeeded to the helm of Wilson, deserves a lot of credit for successfully steering the company into a new era. If you have a big system and are hankering for more, then the LoKe may well offer it. The old audio rule holds: There is no replacement for displacement.


GoldenEar ForceField 30 powered sub

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SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer Review

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For music lovers short on space (and cash), hungry for added low-end content to enhance the listening experience, and willing to experiment to obtain optimal main speaker/subwoofer set-ups in their rooms, the SVS 3000 Micro subwoofer delivers—in spades. Its exceptional setup flexibility allows it to integrate into just about any high-end system. SVS’ 3000 Micro Subwoofer speed and tonal precision mean that it can keep pace with even very expensive main speakers. And the SVS 3000’s serious good looks and major cuteness factor are enough to make a mother blush.

What more could one ask for?

As for me, I’m keeping SVS’ 3000 Micro Subwoofer little wonder as a permanent addition to my reference system. Whether you pair it with a musically compelling but bass shy sub-$1000 mini monitor or a $25,000+ upper-crust stalwart, the littlest member of the SVS subwoofer family will not disappoint.

50 inch SUBWOOFER! 1st in USA

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Audiovector R Sub Arreté $2,225 Review

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However, I still maintain that most Audiovector R Sub Arreté subwoofers will likely end up with Audiovector owners, and many of those owners will be using R1 stand-mounts or R3 floorstanders… and they will chew someone’s arm off to get this subwoofer in their systems. Not because it has an Audiovector badge (although that probably helps), not even because it’s future-proofed, but simply because it works so well and makes those R1 and R3 speakers sound even better. Audition at your wallet’s peril!


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SVS 3000 MICRO (vs. KEF KC62)

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There is nothing negative I can say about the NextLevel Acoustics Reference Cinema In-Wall Speakers and CI-HV18 Subwoofer. The in-walls perform better than most cabinet speakers I’ve heard, and the sub delivers the extension and volume of a ported cabinet with the precision of a sealed one. NextLevel Acoustics has bent the laws of physics here, most definitely in a good way.

If you want a discrete speaker system that sounds better than any commercial cinema, the In-Walls can literally disappear behind an acoustically transparent screen or behind color-matched grills. They are a zero-footprint solution. The CI-HV18 sub is easy to hide too thanks to its bandpass design. Put it up front behind a partition or along a side wall and prepare to have your room shaken.

The NextLevel Acoustics Reference Cinema In-Wall Speakers and HV18 Subwoofer are a premium and convenient audio solution that doesn’t compromise sound quality in any way, shape, or form. They receive my highest recommendation.

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