Amazon Echo Sub – Hands On Review

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REL Acoustics 212/SE Sub-Bass System $4200 Review

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“In enthusiastically recommending the 212/SEs, nevertheless a final word of caution. To extract the great performance of which they are capable, one must be careful and judicious in room placement, as well as crossover and level settings. If you are looking primarily for “big bang” performance on movie blockbusters, it is doubtful the 212s will sound right on music. But if you move toward a subtler blend of the subwoofers with your main speakers, so that the subs never call attention to themselves, you will be rewarded with superior music reproduction and awesome movie nights. In short, I think you will be very impressed if you make the opportunity to audition the 212/SEs”


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“This sub melded beautifully with the satellites. This meant that I was able to get seamless and musical bass in proportion with the rest of the frequency ranges.

Though I wrote about some specific movies and music in my review above, the real proof came during day-to-day use of the sub. This sub even enhanced “TV” watching including documentaries and sporting events. It proved itself each and every day and once dialed-in, it was easy to forget about it and just enjoy all that I heard.”

SVS PB16 ULTRA Review – Video

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SVS SB16 inch | 55KGS | 1500Watt Ultra Subwoofer – Video

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JL Audio Fathom f113v2 Subwoofer and CR-1 Active Crossover Review

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“As I mentioned previously, the CR-1 confers a big advantage by splitting the frequency band with a true high-pass and a low-pass crossover. There’s very little overlap between the subwoofer and main speakers around the crossover point, eliminating the unpredictable result of having two different sources reproducing the same frequency band—the range of frequencies below the crossover point but above the lowest frequency the main speakers will reproduce. The combination of the high-pass and low-pass filter lets you decide, by listening, how much of the bass range is reproduced by the subwoofer and how much by the main speakers. If your main speakers have marginal bass quality below 100Hz, use a higher crossover frequency so that the main speakers never operate below 100Hz. Usually, a higher crossover frequency results in a more audible discontinuity at the crossover point. But the CR-1’s extensive controls provide seamless integration even at higher crossover frequencies.”

REL T7i $999 Review

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“This will get you close. Then a bit of moving the REL around and slight fine tuning – perhaps with a friend to help speed up the process and you’re rocking. Even the most OCD person operating solo should be able to nail this in about an hour. Hunter adds here that they also like track 4 from the soundtrack of the 90′s movie Sneakers to dial the REL in itself. When perfectly optimized you can clearly hear the second skin (he calls it a “double-tap”) of the concert bass drum as the compression wave from the softly struck mallet on the first membrane passes through the body of the drum and pressurizes the second skin. This track is also excellent for determining phase and crossover settings, with level falling in to suit. Unless you are driving the hell out of an incredibly large main pair of speakers, the chance you will overdrive the T7i is slim. Even a long playlist of Aphex Twin and similar tracks, I was unable to overdrive the T7is, still mated to the Raidhos.”

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