MartinLogan Dynamo 600X Subwoofer Review

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“If your room is larger than 225 square feet, the MartinLogan Dynamo 600X may not be the best pick for you in the Dynamo lineup. But for smaller rooms and especially if you listen to music more often than movies, or even if explosions and crashes aren’t what you are looking for, the MartinLogan 600X finds a very sweet spot at the intersection of price and performance.

With Anthem Room Correction, a nice remote app, and other smart connectivity features, the 600X sets itself apart from the budget subwoofer pack, not necessarily with sheer output or extension, but certainly with style. It offers great musicality and blends beautifully with MartinLogan’s Motion speakers, so depending on your room size and sonic preferences, the 600X might be the right choice for your system.”


SVS PC-4000 Subwoofer Review

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“I should start this review by saying that if I was thinking of buying an SVS 4000 Series subwoofer, then this cylindrical version would probably be my choice. It doesn’t have quite the titanic sub-sonic range of the huge ported model, which can get down to a staggering 13Hz, but it’s a damn sight less intrusive. It also isn’t as small or nimble as the sealed unit, but it can deliver deeper bass, going down to 15Hz compared to the sealed unit’s 19Hz. While I appreciate we’re at the limit of what the human ear can even register, there’s a lot to be said for bass you can feel.

SVS has the cylindrical subwoofer market to itself, which is surprising because I think it’s a great idea. The concept allows for a relatively small footprint and greater freedom in terms of positioning, especially in the corners of rooms. However the vertical size of this sub also allows for some serious low frequency action. In testing, the PC-4000 proved to be an impressive performer, delivering deep and controlled bass that you can genuinely feel. Much like the PB-4000 that I reviewed earlier in the year, this cylindrical version also revealed a surprisingly nuanced performance.”

GoldenEar Technology SuperSub X Subwoofer Review

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“A finely tuned sub such as the SuperSub X goes beyond mere extension and actually rebalances a system along more musically authentic lines. Capturing the realism of the concert hall is my goal. This is where the SuperSub X really shines. Partnering with the Revel M126Be it raised that compact’s performance by supplying a foundation that extends perceivably into the low 30Hz range, even touching the upper 20Hz range in my room. Bass quality was full-bodied yet controlled, exhibiting the requisite bloom and resonant sustain expected of deep lower octaves. In a brass ensemble track like Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man the bass drum not only had deeper pitch extension but also reverberant drum-skin textures and more graduated sustain. Similarly, during Rutter’s Requiem the pipe organ developed denser waves of bass energy projecting into the hall. Such low-frequency density aided in defining the soprano soloist’s position as well as the vast reaches of ambient space within the venue.”

SVS SB-4000 subwoofer Review

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“Even used with comparatively tiny satellite speakers and a high crossover, bass integration is excellent, although I did find I got better results using a line-level input from my Yamaha AVR (bypassing its onboard processing), than via the LFE feed. My only real criticism of the way the SB-4000 behaves is a slightly odd one. This is a superbly controlled subwoofer, aided by some clever DSP, but there are times when I’d love to be able to make it a little more boisterous. Compared to the GoldenEar SuperSub XXL, which can be persuaded into great hulking slabs of unnecessary low-end if you ask it nicely, the SVS 
stays absolutely controlled. I’d almost like there to be a ‘Ludicrous’ setting in the SVS Bluetooth app (to join the Music and Movie presets), which I could select when I wanted to behave like a five-year-old.”

Monoprice Monolith 15” THX Ultra Subwoofer $ 1,300 Review

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“The Monolith 15” THX Ultra holds THX’s “Ultra” performance class certification, which means it should be able to help to present a THX experience in a 3,000 cubic foot room with a 12’ viewing distance from the screen. That is a big space to fill, and the laws of physics dictate that a large sub is needed for that task (or at least a whole lot of small subs). The 15” THX Ultra is such a behemoth that, at a glance, it does look like it might be up to the task, but the THX certification is verified proof, so no guessing is needed. However, the 15” THX Ultra is only certified for that level of performance in one of its operating modes: all ports open and EQ switch set to “THX.” It isn’t that other operating modes will perform significantly worse, it’s just that they don’t have very specific behavior needed to act totally predictable by the THX controlling processor otherwise.”

Amazon Echo Sub – Hands On Review

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REL Acoustics 212/SE Sub-Bass System $4200 Review

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“In enthusiastically recommending the 212/SEs, nevertheless a final word of caution. To extract the great performance of which they are capable, one must be careful and judicious in room placement, as well as crossover and level settings. If you are looking primarily for “big bang” performance on movie blockbusters, it is doubtful the 212s will sound right on music. But if you move toward a subtler blend of the subwoofers with your main speakers, so that the subs never call attention to themselves, you will be rewarded with superior music reproduction and awesome movie nights. In short, I think you will be very impressed if you make the opportunity to audition the 212/SEs”

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