Bowers & Wilkins Formation Bass Wireless Subwoofer $999 Review

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“Bass-heads can find more boom for fewer dollars if they want, but the Bowers & Wilkins Formation Bass isn’t designed for that audience. This subwoofer is designed for applications where more traditional subwoofers might just not fit in. It’s designed for the new school, wireless set who demand great sound as well as good looks. And yes, it’s an expensive subwoofer for what it is, but you get what you pay for in a top performing, gorgeous sub.”

Sonus faber Gravis VI Subwoofer Review

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“Still, though, taking that price into consideration, the Gravis VI lacks a few niceties that I think it deserves. For one thing, I would like to see a subwoofer of this caliber ship with its own measurement mic. Even a Dayton Audio EMM-6, low-priced as it is, would be an improvement over the mics built into smartphones, and would provide better calibration.

Unrelated to price, I also wish there were a bit more variety between the four EQ presets for the Gravis VI. While there are differences, they’re so subtle that you’ll likely hear more tonal shifts by leaning your head back and forth a foot or so. Only the Streaming Mode preset differs substantially from the other three, with a decent boost around 50 Hz and a steeper roll-off of frequencies below 30 Hz. I’m not really sure what that has to do with streaming, but there you have it.”

SVS SB-3000 powered subwoofer $999 Review

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“Lengthy listening sessions suggested that the SB-3000s, placed in diagonal corners, were quicker to set up and sounded better with the Quad ESL-989s than with the MartinLogans. Because I was not able to try the 800Xes in the diagonal corners, or try to blend them with the KEF LS50s, I am hesitant to draw any final conclusions about which pair of subs might be better for other rooms or other satellite speakers. Within those limitations, the SB-3000s showed better pitch definition, greater dynamic range, and did a better job of covering the audio spectrum below 80Hz evenly in my room. Be aware, however, that each SB-3000 is larger, 25lb heavier, and costs $200 more per subwoofer than the MartinLogan Dynamo 800X.”

Cambridge Audio EDGE NQ Preamp & W Amplifier Review

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SVS SB-3000 powered subwoofer $999 Review

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“Optimally positioning the SB-3000 subs in my room was critical for attaining smooth integration of its output with that of the Quads. Usually I position each sub behind each Quad panel in the two front corners of the room, but this setup overloaded my small, square listening room. I then moved each SB-3000 subwoofer into opposite corners of the room, as advised in the SVS manual, with positive results, including excellent blending of subs and satellite speakers, consistent bass down to extremely low frequencies, and no room overload.

Fyne Audio F500 Review

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‘Of all Fyne Audio’s technologies present, the first you’re likely to notice is the work of its BassTrax design. Without going entirely overboard, the F500s dish out an impressive portion of low end, with sufficient punch to deal heavy kicks and the smoothness to feed bubbling pulses and luscious pedals.

It makes for a warm, welcoming sound that benefits the midrange with its body as well. Whereas many standmount speakers can sound small, the F500s give that middle register real purchase with the support coming from the octaves below. Such profound bass can sometimes feel detached, but this is a cohesive performance, with a smooth line drawn through the frequencies.”

SVS SB-3000 Subwoofer Review

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“I like placing the sub right in the center if you are using one, or just inside or outside of the main speaker cabinets if you’re using two. This was my first time setting up two subs in my room, and I felt set up was no harder with the pair. After I adjusted for phase, I placed the subs about 6.5 inches inside the main cabinets, which are way out into the room. If you use this method you’ll likely not need to adjust phase. I didn’t. Once the subs were placed in this configuration, I started playing with the feature-rich SVS smartphone app. As it turns out I only used the volume (at -16dB), low pass filter (LFE disabled, 50Hz with a 12dB slope), and a preset I named LO VOL that boosted the gain 2dB for low volume listening. Phase was set at 0, and polarity stayed in the positive default. I used a couple of different frequency response phone apps to look at the room response. Since things were looking good, and sounding damn good, I didn’t feel I needed the parametric EQ or the room gain compensation. I used my favorite speaker accessory, the Gingko ARCHs under the Quads (see review HERE), and also under the rubber feet on the SB-3000s. When the set up was optimized, I started listening. ”

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