REL 212SE Subwoofer Review

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“The combination of dynamics and musicality that a pair of REL 212SEs add to the mix is of such high quality, I had made up my mind after about 10 hours of listening (I was up until about 4 a.m. after Hunter left, the day he installed them) that this would be our product of the year. For my money, this could be TONE’s product of all time.”


SVS SB16-Ultra Subwoofer $1,999 Review

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“After living with the SB16-Ultra for some time now and using it in a variety of different hifi systems, I happily report excellent results in all circumstances. Whether you are working with a pair of minimonitors, your favorite panels, or massive floorstanders, the SB16-Ultra delivers stunning bass performance. With 1500 watts of power on tap, you’ll most likely bottom out your main speakers way before you push the sub too far. We certainly couldn’t no matter how loud the cannons blasted, the buildings blew up or the beats dropped.”


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“The REL 212/SE is more than just another subwoofer. While it has foundation-threating levels of bass energy on tap, it’s also one of the best upgrades you can do for your system, because it takes everything you like about your existing system and makes more of it: more midrange clarity, more high frequency extension, more soundstaging, and a lot more speed. The downsides are three-fold: it’s a big box, it cuts a relatively big hole in your bank balance, and it’s unlikely to stay on its own for long, as you will start eyeing up the options for a matching pair of 212/SE. These things apply more or less universally, too: if speakers that don’t benefit from the 212/SE exist, they would have to be a pair of extraordinarily meaty loudspeakers that would dwarf the 212/SE both physically and financially. Bass is not just for bass-heads, as the REL 212/SE demonstrates, and as a result comes very highly recommended.

Polk HTS Series Subwoofers at CEDIA 2017 – Video

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SVS PB16-Ultra/SVS SB16-Ultra review

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“The Bluetooth app is perhaps the least impressive part of the PB16-Ultra/SB16-Ultra package. It’s easy to read and won’t take you long to get used to (there’s an in-app tutorial to guide you), but I did find it sometimes being laggy in operation and had some ‘not-in range’ drop-outs despite standing right next to the woofer. Also, the sliding scales on the parametric EQ system are quite fiddly to operate on a smartphone. A phablet or tablet will provide a better touchscreen canvas.”

JL Audio Dominion d110 Subwoofer Review

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” I’m not sure what Taylor Swift has more of: No. 1 singles or ex-boyfriends. Regardless, she knows how to write engaging music, and “Blank Space” is no exception. The song has an airy feel to it and harks back to the year in the title of its host album, 1989, with a synthesized beat that draws you in from the first note. But when the young lady starts to sing, the bass track kicks hard—really hard—and again, the d110s shined brightly. The bass response was tight and articulate, and it didn’t linger in the room for even a moment longer than it was supposed to. Impressive would be an understatement.”


SVS PB16-Ultra Subwoofer Unboxing – Video

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