TouchTunes Redefines the Jukebox

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” Using a credit card, I bought 13 credits for $5. The new version also accepts PayPal and Apple Pay. Between burrito bites and napkin wipes, I opted for Billy Joel’s “You May Be Right.” With each credit worth about 38 cents, I could pay two credits to add the song to the queue or three credits to jump the queue. I made the mistake of paying two credits, then deciding I couldn’t wait and paying three. There was no way to belatedly add the one credit. Joel did come up quickly after that, but there was no second play later on.


Bifrost Multibit digital converter

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” Comparing the Bifrost Multibit to my older, identical-looking Schiit Bifrost Uber the first differences I noted were scale and resolution. The Bifrost Multibit’s sound was more dynamically alive, the sound had more palpable texture, and resolution of quiet details was much better. The Bifrost Multibit makes my system sound more powerful, the Bifrost Uber sounds “grayed out” by comparison. Bifrost Uber sounds great, until you hear what the Bifrost Multibit can do, then there’s no turning back!”


Audioengine HD6 powered speakers Review

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” Anyway, the bass sounded much deeper than the 50Hz quoted in the specifications. I think it’s because of the scale and power this little package delivered. Anyway, I found the bass very satisfying and involving without hooking up my subwoofer, even when watching movies.


McIntosh MC75 Monoblock Tube Amplifier Review


“One thing that always concerns me with tube gear is noise but with these two units it never became an issue. This combination of C22 preamplifier and MC75 amplifiers was a joy to have in my home. Not only did they sound marvelous but their throw-back look took me back to a time of my youth that was wonderful to remember. While it is impossible to go back to those days it certainly is possible to purchase these units with which to enjoy music today. Buying older McIntosh gear is fun but here with this combination you need not worry about restoring the units physically or electronically and guess what? They come with a McIntosh factory warranty and to me that means a great deal. If pushed to sum up my experience with the C22 and MC75 in just one word it would have to be “amazing”. I loved them both and each one gets a big thumb up! Bravo to the people at McIntosh Labs.”


Focal Utopia audiophile headphone $3,000 Review

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” If one headphone tops the Utopia it’s the Abyss AB-1266. In head-to-head comparisons the AB-1266 was even more vivid, with a more spacious, precisely focused soundstage. Returning to the Utopia the sound lost some immediacy, but I’d readily concede that most people, including a lot of audiophiles, would choose the Utopia over the heavier and bulkier AB-1266. The Utopia is a lot more comfortable, and since it’s easier to drive, it’s a lot less finicky about amplifiers. Oh, and the AB-1266 ($5,495, which is about £3,800 or AU$7,400) is more expensive than the Utopia.”


Zu Audio Soul Supreme loudspeaker Review

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” When I’m not listening to Scott Walker or Miles Davis, I’m dreaming back to those times before our colonies rejected British rule. I’m especially fond of the music of Henry Purcell (1659–1695). I wish, dear reader, that you could have been here with me, sitting on my couch, as my beloved Deller Consort played and sang extracts from Purcell’s King Arthur, sung to a text by John Dryden (LP, Harmonia Mundi HMC E200). Oh solemn joy and mild voices! Act I,ii opens with pomp and pageantry that gradually develops into restrained foreboding: even the choruses and solos that follow are less than joyful. My joy was in the listening. The Soul Supremes and LM-518IA played this semi-opera in a most enlightening way. The textures and spaces were revealed with a clarity and tangible realism that made for an enjoyable intimacy with the performers. Images were well drawn, in a way that enhanced my understanding of Deller’s and Purcell’s intentions. These American speakers responded supremely to the British Dryden-Purcell-Deller consortium. Joy and odes!”


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