D’Agostino Master Audio Systems, YG Acoustics, and Alma Music & Audio Demonstrate Mega System

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“The Relentless drove YG Acoustics’ flagship XV system, a $265,900, 463-pound, two-tower-per-channel system, which builds upon the successful Sonja 2.3. The XV turned out to be the perfect partner for the Relentless. Some of the “magical moments” I have experienced at audio shows or product release events—ones that transcend the usual electro-mechanical exercise—have been with YG speakers and D’Agostino electronics. Each XV has a total of ten drivers per channel, four of which are woofers along with three mid/woofers. All those large drivers help move enough air to produce sufficient bass output and extension in large spaces. Also, the Sonja XV was the first speaker in the Sonja series to include YG’s unique BilletDome tweeter, which combines a treated soft-dome membrane with a very strong, lightweight, acoustically transparent supporting “air frame” to create a new kind of tweeter that has the strength of a metal dome without the metallic “ringing” often associated with hard domes.”


Hi-Fi System Room Tour

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Music Room Build Two

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KLIPSCHORN vintage loudspeakers

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Constellation Taurus Monos + Constellation Pictor Preamp w/DC filter + MSB Premier DAC + Magico M3’s

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Rossini with Wilson Audio Yvettes video 2

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