Ming Da Dynasty Duet 300 Plus Review

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“Coming bang up to date playing Låpsley’s Station on CD and the track’s evocative mix of stripped-back instrumentation, sound effects and haunting vocals is presented by the Dynasty Duet 300 Plus with sumptuousness and a sprightly snappiness. A heavily chorused, mournful keyboard sits at the back of the soundstage, rich, round and lusciously organic. Låpsley’s voice has the perfect balance of hear-through transparency alongside a honeyed richness, such that tiny nuances in her delivery are exquisitely revealed but aren’t served up desiccated. The quality of the bass kick is noteworthy again for its speed and impact and it’s hard to equate this dynamic agility and punch I’m listening to with just nine single-ended integrated watts. The track builds with unusual, pitch-shifted vocals, extra percussion and potent rhythmic hand claps and the Duet 300 Plus strikes a consummate balance of intimacy with scale, rich tone with crackling detail and razor sharp timing with an easy going, highly musical fluidity.”


Bryston Mini A Loudspeakers Review


“The midrange is truthful, honest and just a little lean. If I were to compare to the Brit small boxes that I tested before, the Mini A does not have the same level of midrange density, but do keep in mind that the Mini A is also the cheapest of the lot, costing a few thousand Ringgits less. On the other hand, the Mini A was top notch with dynamics and scale, and is comparable to others that cost much more, it handles demanding recordings excellently and portrays a large soundstage in my room with ease.”


Avalon Idea speaker Review

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” Avalon recommends leaving the grilles on for best sound quality, so I did just that for all of my auditioning time. The company’s speakers have always featured angled and faceted cabinets, and while the Idea speaker may be one of the company’s more affordable models, the craftsmanship is superb. The speakers are made in Boulder, Colorado, and the company documents the measurements of every driver for every speaker the company has ever produced. So if a customer needs to replace a tweeter, midrange or woofer on a 20-year-old Avalon speaker, the service department can provide a matching driver. So while these speakers are expensive, they can provide decades of enjoyment.”

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Sony PS-HX500 Turntable Reviewed

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” When optimally isolated, I found the overall sonic signature of the PS-HX500 to be good but not on a par with what I’m used to hearing from my vinyl. The primary sonic issue was a particular upper midrange character that my mentor J. Gordon Holt would have called “splichy.” This is an added resonance that gives the upper midrange an unnaturally plastic coloration. Whenever I listened to the PS-HX500, even after trying my best to maximize its isolation, I was aware of these colorations affecting the turntable’s fidelity.”


Magneplanar .7 Review

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“The second warning is about the feet of the Maggies. The loudspeakers sound better if you keep them perpendicular to the floor, no backward positioning. Magneplanar proposes, as an option, the plexiglas feet that makes the price more expensive.
A trick could be to put something under the feet in order to reach the position in which the panels are more steady.The soundstage will enhance together with the high range. ”


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