Noble Audio Kaiser 10U in-ear headphones – Review

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“The downside to extreme resolution headphones like the Kaiser 10U is they let you hear more of the harshness and crud in many of today’s highly compressed recordings. The IE800 was much better in that regard, I could listen to more music without cringing than I could with the Kaiser 10U. The best recordings sound better than ever, but the crappy ones sound worse with the Kaiser 10U! That might be a deal breaker for potential buyers who mostly listen to mainstream pop or rock, but most jazz, classical, electronica and acoustic music benefited from the Kaiser 10U extraordinary sound quality.”


Schiit Magni 2U & Modi 2U – Review

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” Low frequencies are exquisitely portrayed with more heft, balance and texture than previously noted. The pairing with the new HiFiMAN HE-400S was just one example of this where the perceived bass-shy frequency range came to life with added details and presence. Though with the HE-400S being tuned the way it is, not even the Schiit stack could bring levels of impact to bass-head levels.”


Sony NW-Z2 Walkman Review

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” The Sony has been used with the standard playback app with a mixture of lossless and high res FLAC files and some DSD. Testing has mainly been carried out via Noble 6 in-ear earphones but the Oppo PM-3 has also been used as well as variety of less expensive earphones here on test. Additional testing has been carried out using Tidal and Spotify with content streamed from the cloud and downloaded onto the device. As a means of providing an interesting benchmark for the Sony in the absence of another high end DAP being available here for testing, my standard travel rig of a Google Nexus 5 and the Oppo HA-2 connected by OTG cable was used as a comparison”


Mark Levinson No.585 Integrated Amplifier Review


” Yet, so far, I am only talking about the highs. The mids are just as smooth as the highs, with same level of cohesiveness, especially when it comes to vocal texture or the brassy harmonic overtones of a trumpet or saxophone. So detailed the mid range can be, that is a trumpet or saxophone musical piece, the essence of the performance, such as the air moving from chest to lips, to blow piece, the texture of tongue & bite vs the swosshing air quality escaping out of the exhaust, finger action followed by the resonating brass body and finally air exiting the horn mouth in an almost smoky room! All this happening at once in an imaging of realistic perfomance. The bass dives just as low and kicks just as hard as my regular bi-amped, bi-wired system. I’ve lost nothing in the bass slam department. My basslines are still as tight and as well strung as before. The PMC’s 10 inch “Volt” pistonic woofers are just as well controlled as a well trained German Sherpard guard dog. I am in total shock and awe, as the the total top to toe coherence in musical presentation of the music, regardless of genre played.”


Dunu DN-2000jM Review

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“To be honest I did not really use the tip spacers, as I think the change is very subtle and not that audible in day to day scenarios. Tips rolling does make more of a difference, and I found that using the TS-500 complys gave these a little added body, and found silicone tips to be a little brighter on the whole. I am guessing it’s a mix of the foam tip and the added wax guard helps filter the high frequencies and thus the perceived added body.”



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” It works by creating a remarkable midrange, the kind of midrange you will struggle to find in a loudspeaker at any price. It manages to achieve the goals of sounding exceptionally honest, projecting well into the room, and just letting you listen deeper than usual into the recording. As an example of this, I played ‘Everyday’ from James Taylor’s 1985 disc That’s Why I’m Here [Columbia]. This was one of the staples of MP3 development cycle, and with its syrupy Yamaha DX7 synth-string sounds and OTT production values, it’s easy to turn hard or harsh in the midrange, despite Taylor’s soft, clear tones. ”


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