Where to get MQA files and how to play them – Video

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Roon 1,3 giant update – Video

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Universal Music Group + MQA = Hi-Res Streaming

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“The UMG deal added to the existing Warners deal gives MQA access to the catalogs of two out of three major labels, leaving Sony Music as the last major chip to fall..”


Style Jukebox Hi-Res player and music Manager NEW

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“People say that Style Jukebox is what iTunes Cloud should have been – a music service for people with a music collection – that’s easy to use for casual listeners, but powerful enough for hard-core listeners who care about audio quality, music organizing, lossless music, and more.”


Guide To Hi-Res Audio – Finding Hi-Res Music

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” Finally, before we get started, it’s worth noting that downloads aren’t the only way to get hi-res music in your home. Some optical disc formats also carry hi-res and remain a viable option. I mentioned SACDs earlier, which remain widely available for delivering both stereo and multichannel DSD audio to a compatible player. And Blu-ray music and concert discs are also available at 96/24 resolution or better, typically as PCM or with DTS HD-Master or Dolby TrueHD lossless encoding. AcousticSounds.com, mentioned below, is a good source. You’ll also find a wide range of concert Blu-rays at ConcertsOnDVD.com, and a list of labels and titles using the PureAudio Blu-ray format at PureAudio-Bluray.com.”


What a Label With 2.5 Million YouTube Streams Actually Earns

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” The label also had some plays on Spotify, Deezer, and now-shuttered ZIK. Additionally, the label also had a small amount of downloads across iTunes, Google Play, 7digital, and Archambault, which only served to highlight the utter imbalance between streaming and download payouts.

YouTube (proper music video plays): $0.001005 Canadian ($0.000794 US) per stream.

YouTube (Content ID): $0.001342 Canadian ($0.001061 US) per match.”

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10 hidden Spotify features you’re not already using

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” Some of these tips require a premium Spotify subscription to make use of, but the majority will work whether or not you’re currently paying for your streaming music. If you have any expert tips of your own, feel free to add them below in the comments.”


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