B&W Zeppelin Wireless Review


” If you plan to use the Zeppelin through wireless connection, you can pretty much put the speaker in any desired location in the house near an available power outlet. Following the manual, I found setting up the speaker for wireless usage is relatively easy. Since I am not an Apple user, during the review, wireless connection to the Zeppelin was made through Bluetooth using my Android phone and through wi-fi using the Airplay feature in the iTunes for Windows version from my desktop. Both connections worked flawlessly. For comparison, ”


Boost Music Quality with DACs and NAS Drives

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” Bottom line: Make sure that the standalone DAC, DAC/amplifier combo, or A/V receiver with a built-in DAC is able to handle 24-bit, 92kHz audio files. Keep in mind that if you already own a great amplifier and a digital audio player, and can already play back audio files that are FLAC, ALAC, and the common lossless WAV, you can get a standalone DAC that will take that great content and hand it off to your amp.”


Fender In-Ear Monitors from Aurisonics

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” The next four models are the FXA series, beginning with the FXA2 for $199 (which has been tuned with slightly more bass to appeal to drummers and bassists) and topping out with the FXA7, for $499. These models all have a 3D metallic housing in a variety of colors. All models will come with a luxurious Fender carrying case, a set of SureSeal tips, cleaning tool, 1/4-inch adapter, and the silver-plated, low-oxygen cable. The FXA7 uses a pair of tweeters with the dual Hybrid Balanced Armature array, and it’s tuned for both the audiophile and professional recording/mixing engineer looking for a clean, uncolored sound.”

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Sonos PLAY 5 Wireless Music System Review

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” The bass response tightened up considerably, and all of the tubby, muddled midbass and vocals were reined in. The highs lost all of the edginess yet remained clear and crisp. The PLAY:5’s bass didn’t extend quite as low as it did out in the open, but that loss is nothing compared to the rest of the performance gains Trueplay brought to that placement. Even knowing what to expect, my eyes simply didn’t believe what my ears were telling me.”


Thales TTT-Slim Turntable and Easy Tonearm Review


” A couple of things in the setup are different from other turntables. First, this is a battery-operated table and its charger is plugged into the wall and into the rear of the table. Thales suggests, and I agree, it sounds best when you unplug the charger from the back of the table when using the table. You get 20 hours of playing time before it needs to be charged so this is an easy recommendation to follow. The other thing is that the turntable itself comes with a grounding wire that plugs into the back of the table and is hooked up to the grounding lug on your phono preamp. This means you have both the turntable and tonearm grounded. I found if I did not do this I had a good bit of hum, but when I grounded the table it was dead quiet.”



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“Such a large cabinet, especially as big as this one, creates expectation of an extremely huge bass. But you won’t get it. What you get is beautifully balanced with the other part of the range. It is nicely extended but not exaggerated. The much smaller Audiomachina Pure NSE loudspeakers I reviewed recently, with active bass section delivered even better bass extension and better differentiation of lowest notes, which was clear especially with lowest piano and double bass notes. The JBL speakers offered richer, „heavier”/more powerful bass. I was constantly under the impression that there was still some room for even deeper, more powerful sound, like there was no limitation to what these speakers could convey in terms of dynamics, extension and differentiation. Probably that is why this sound is so natural, so relaxing.”


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