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” Living with the Giyas for a number of weeks, I could not pick an overt fault with these truly magnificent speakers. They imaged better than our reference Wilson Sashas, and while the G3’s bass was not as powerful or deep (we’re comparing twin 135mm drivers with twin 200mm drivers), it was just a tad faster and a smidgen more detailed. The Sashas shot ahead in terms of dynamic expression and top-end detail, while the G3’s D50 domes could not match the power and slam of the bespoke 165mm driver in the Wilson.”

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ACS Encore IEM Review

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” My first impressions of these and one that has continued through this day is that these are a bassy earphone. Initially this was fairly surprising as I had heard the Evoke and Evolve at ACS’s labs and both had great balance but this has a clear focus on mid bass but continues with some solid extension down low”

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” Let me say clearly that I’m not suggesting that this beauty offers performance on par with the big boys at five or ten times its price. The Ypsilon SET 100 Ultimate amplifiers, particularly after extensive upgrades performed by Demetris Baklavas in March, ascend into the empyrean sphere of musical reproduction. The Boulder 2050 amplifiers, which clock in at close to $100,000, are also in a different sphere.”



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“That speaker choice probably means big Magicos, or Wilsons, or YGs, or some equally top-of-the-tree transducer. Yes, you will get to hear what a pair of extremely good standmounts can do when fed the best possible signal, but if you have that best possible signal, you should put it to good use. Source wise, Constellation’s own ‘stellar’ contributions notwithstanding, you will be in the upper atmosphere of digital or analogue, at top dCS, Metronome, or Meitner levels to realise the potential of the Hercules II. Ultimately, the Hercules II is a world-class product and should be used in among its world-class peers.”


Fried R/4 loudspeaker Review

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” But a clearly evident degree of brightness, which varied with program level, intruded. At its worst—during peaks in the program material—it added a glassy brightness or shiny patina to female vocals. Particular notes in the flute accompaniment would jump out at me—a quality also noted later in closely miked piano recordings. At modest listening levels the brightness was only an occasional irritant; increase the level to room-filling but not unreasonable levels, however, and it became an unwelcome intrusion”



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” Like the AF1, the Elite is a true statement product in which you feel that every aspect of design, execution, and performance has been thoroughly thought through and addressed. The Elite retails at $12,000 with a 9-inch wand; the 10-inch may be substituted for an additional $500, the 12-inch for an additional $1000, each with a different counterweight appropriate to the added weight.”


Audio Tekne TFM 2000 + TEA 2000 Integrated Amplifier and Phonostage Review Read Here

” divided my listening sessions into three groups. For the first one I used only the amplifier, for the second only the phonostage, and finally I listened to both devices together. I won’t give you three separate descriptions though, as I concluded that there was no doubt, that both devices were created by the same man, with his very distinct sound philosophy. Also the best results were obtained when I listened to both devices together.”


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