Audiodesksysteme Gläss Vinyl Cleaner Pro Review

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“which my dictionary defines as “the formation of partial vacuums in a liquid by a swiftly moving solid body (as a propeller) or by high-intensity sound waves” — cleans your records for 90 seconds. In this case, cavitation is effected by activating the cleaning fluid to form tiny bubbles, which are then projected at speed at the record surface. After cleaning, the record continues to be automatically spun as it’s air-dried for 4 1/2 minutes, and as wiper blades remove excess fluid. Altogether, the Vinyl Cleaner Pro takes six minutes to clean a record — it’s not a short process, but it requires nothing of you but pressing that red button. And while it’s doing the work, you can clean up your e-mails or declutter some other aspect of your life.”


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“My impression was that it didn’t quite sound like what we’d expect from a tube amp (which isn’t a bad thing) but it still had this very silky, smooth articulation and “analog-ish” presentation. I’m not sure if my ears were playing tricks on me but the soundstage also seemed a bit wider than I remember on some of the tracks. Dynamics were on point and vocals had this very sultry and natural body. Instruments and singers were well delineated and the overall tonal balance was accurate.”

V-Moda Forza In-Ear Sports Headphone Review


” When called to do so, the V-Moda could jam to just about any genre. The hi-res version of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memory burst forth with life and dynamics. Classical recordings were masterfully conducted and reproduced. The trumpets in Copeland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man” sang with beautiful timbral accuracy and the bass drums had impact but didn’t come across in an overly bombastic way. As I mentioned before, the voicing on the Forza is more akin to audiophile neutral tastes than bass-emphasized DJ sound”



” I’ve tested Origin Live decks before. I know how good they can sound, but that foreknowledge left me unprepared for just how good the Sovereign with the 12” Enterprise arm can sound. A reviewer is only as good as their last criticism, but I’m struggling to find anything other than praise to heap on the Origin Live duo here. It’s one of those rare turntables that doubles as a time machine; you don’t just play an album, you are transported to where you were when you first heard that album. Records you know well suddenly sound like this is the first time you’ve heard them, and you can give the Sovereign/Enterprise duo any vinyl-related test you can think of and it will come up trumps. Origin Live’s turntable and arm combination an outstanding and natural paring, and come highly recommended!”



” The AURALiC ALTAIR Wireless Streaming DAC is sonically a fast and musical DAC that offers unprecedented versatility. It handles almost every digital format currently in use including Quad DSD and DXD and wrings the most out of even the most humble recordings. Switchable digital filters means that you can tailor the sound to your own taste and a phase reversal switch means you can correct what was broken by the recording process (or possibly your streaming service). And they take the concept of streaming music seriously, not only giving you access to streaming services, but letting you stream from a NAS or uPnP/DLNA media server or Bluetooth device, and by allowing you to connect directly to an external hard drive, it renders the concept of a USB DAC obsolete, removing the computer from the signal processing entirely, guaranteeing the best possible performance.”

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