Clearwave Loudspeaker Design Duet 6 $2,995/Pr. Review

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“Very impressive was the piano on “Decade and One”, with the notes being so easy to hear due to them having plenty of air around them. Another thing I noticed was the percussive action of the hammers striking the strings as you could hear each string as it starts to vibrate. ”

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Btunes Bluetooth by Voxoa Review – Video

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Discover Focal’s backstage – Video

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Audiopax Model 88 monos Review

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“That’s quite the trick. We obtain 15—almost 17 watts—from a single-ended KT88 in class A1 but with a triode transfer function due to how the series-parallel connected six amplifiers operate. The taps in our transformers are different, the way they connect to the tubes is different. There is a screen tap which used to be called ultralinear and another winding for the cathode for a type of local feedback. A Stockham paper from the 50s showed how a triode can be modeled as a pentode with feedback by removing the grids. When you take the grids out of a pentode, you get inherent feedback between plate and cathode.”



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“Last but not least the stunning factor would have to be the staging. Many a times studio based products is overly focused on the mixing and mastering to allow the engineers to perfect their production. Some might had forgetten that music enjoyment is not just based on tonal balance and the sense of scale and space is a major factor as well. This is where the BDA-2 outclassed that aspect astoundingly. The soundstage was simply phenomenal with over the top instrument separation which gave such scale and space that one is often looking for.”


Hafler HA75 Headphone Amplifier Reviewed

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“. I could also pump up the gain even more by reducing the Feedback setting. Output impedance is rated at 20 ohms, which in my opinion is a suitable spec. (Higher output impedance minimizes level differences among headphones and protects against shorting; lower output impedance improves damping factor and minimizes the effect of the headphone amp on the frequency response of the headphone.)”


Acoustic Energy AE101 Speaker Review

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” “The smaller profile of the slot makes it easier to accommodate on the relatively busy front panel but at the same time the cross-sectional area is fairly high. This gives plenty of venting potential to the cabinet but also slows down the air as it leaves which should avoid the chuffing effect that can mar the performance of small speakers. Equally, keeping the port on the front means that the AE101 should be happier used nearer to rear walls than rival designs with a rear port. This means that the 101 should be happier on shelves and in alcoves than some rivals.”


Tonearm Setup Video For Pro-Ject Debut Carbon + Music Hall MMF 2.2 – Video

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Tannoy Kensington GR review

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” The Kensington GRs can be biwired, and they benefit from that, sounding more precise and lucid when used this way. As with other Tannoys there’s an additional terminal next to the two pairs of signal inputs, the use of which (wired to the ground-pin on your amplifier) results in a cleaner, crisper presentation.”


Pass Labs XA160.8 Monoblocks $29,000/pair Review

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“Moving through the gaggle of great speakers we currently have here from Dali, Dynaudio, GamuT, Eggleston and a few others, the XA160.8s have no limitations. To get them to (softly) clip requires ear shattering volume, or perhaps a pair of horribly inefficient speakers. In that case, there are always the XA200.8s and the Xs amplifiers.”


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