iFi Audio ZEN Air DAC $99 Review

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I must say, I immediately fell in love with that combo as the synergy between the headphones and the DAC/amp was excellent. The neutral tuning of the 560S meshed really nicely with the somewhat warm-sounding Air DAC, which made those headphones sing.

For a $99 Desktop DAC/amp, the Air DAC was pretty clean and transparent and had decent detail. It also pulled this off without undue harshness up top, which is always good when you’re dealing with entry-level gear such as this.

dCS Rossini APEX Player And Rossini Clock Review

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I have been doing what I do for a long time and have heard numerous DACs and digital front ends over the course of nearly three decades of constant evaluations. 

Despite the great digital advances made in the last decade, not all DACs and digital front end deliver what the marketing material promises. Many DACs aspire to be special, but in reality, they are only adequate. 

dCS is anything but the usual affair or Déjà vu. It has a deep foundation with a sign of unforeseen firmness to decode music, regardless of genre, with fundamental objectivity. Period!

Mola Mola’s Grooving Tambaqui DAC $13,500 Review

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As I opined at the end of my Mola Mola Kula review (HERE), the Tambaqui is to DACs what the Kula is to toney integrated amps: a downsized mini-me solution to your 21st century digital component woes that sounds stellar. Like the Kula, the Tambaqui ain’t cheap. But the musical performance and setup flexibility that it delivers makes its just south of $14K price seem sensibly fair (at least in high-end terms). This is, in no uncertain term, a state-of-the-art digital design for which no apologies need be made. I’m thinking that maybe I ought to get one for my system.

Matrix Audio X-SABRE 3 streaming MQA DAC

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Chord dave M SCALER Review

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Chord Hugo TT 2 and M Scaler

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dCS Rossini Player & Clock Review

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There are many products on the market that simply exists for themselves offering merely a vague presentation of music and that can be too commonly associated with even more expensive digital front ends. 

As opposed dCS Rossini attains a one-of-a-kind music haven facility and has all the qualities for being and becoming an unmistakable high-end audio icon. 

In part two, I will focus on the particular qualities of the dCS Rossini, laying them down in the music references and delve deeper into the mysterious realms of Ring DAC technology. 

But as you have been able to decode so far, I am deeply fascinated with what dCS Rossini can do sonically and music-wise.


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As my biggest complaint about digital playback is its potential to be more tonally “barren” and considerably less dimensionally accurate or representative, what I was hearing with the Baltic 3 had me encouraged with this unpretentious and more affordable LampizatOr offering. Once the unit was in place and had about one hundred hours of run-in, it had become clear that I was being treated to the lion’s share of the naturalness and space that had won me over with both the Golden Gate and Pacific.

iFi’s ZEN One Signature $349 Review

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Making full use of Qualcomm’s latest four-core QCC5100 Bluetooth processing chip, every current high-definition Bluetooth audio format is supported, including aptX Adaptive and aptX HD, LDAC and HWA/LHDC. Other codecs covered include regular aptX and aptX Low Latency, AAC and SBC (the ‘plain vanilla’ Bluetooth codec). This means that every possible source device is handled at the highest audio resolution its Bluetooth specification allows.

The ZEN One Signature is Bluetooth v5.1-compliant, ensuring the best possible range, stability and performance. Up to eight paired Bluetooth source devices can be stored in memory, making it easy to switch from one device to another.

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