SME Model 60 Turntable TOUR

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Conversations With a Audiophiles

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Fyne Audio F302i $745 review

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These towers make a good fist of punching out the album’s brutal dynamic swings and show a good deal of composure in the process. We’re impressed with the level of detail on offer as well as the entertaining way all this information is assembled to make a sound we’re happy to simply sit back and enjoy. The F302i’s soundstage is relatively broad and nicely layered. For speakers at this level, there’s little to complain about when it comes to stereo focus and image stability.

Tonally, things are nicely balanced and, as we’ve already mentioned, notably smoother than before. This is still a lively sound, but here it’s possible to enjoy recordings that are on the brighter or more aggressive side too.


Meet Jill, her Klipschorns were too big for her house, so she bought a bigger house

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Jimmy Page: How Stairway to Heaven was written – Video

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5.1-channel album of electroacoustic music on Blu-ray – Video

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Zu Audio’s Sean Casey on Speaker Design | Stereophile – Video

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A Conversation with ELAC Speaker Designer Andrew Jones | Stereophile – Video

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Doug White (The Voice That Is) on Tidal Loudspeakers | Stereophile – Video

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