Audio Science and Immersive Sound – Video

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A Conversation with Juergen Reis (MBL) & John Atkinson (Stereophile) | AudioStream

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JTL Audio products

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” Few more insights into the JTL Audio audio accessories product line”


Interview With Miles Showell Of Abbey road

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” Miles Showell: Universal own Abbey Road as it was one of the assets they acquired when they bought EMI. I am freelance here but shortly after I started I was able to persuade the management that half-speed mastering was worth the investment. Initial feedback from my early clients was so good that it was the management who approached Universal and said you have a fabulous library of recordings and we have a world expert on half-speed mastering in the team. There is resurgence in vinyl sales and a demand for good quality pressings. Therefore why do we not get together and create the highest quality vinyl records possible by pooling our resources and playing to all of our strengths. Thankfully, Universal thought it was an excellent idea. ”


Ryan Speakers New Record Day Interview – Video

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Audioquest DragonFly product showcase CES 2016 – Video

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McIntosh – CES 2016 Interview with Charlie Randall – Video

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