KEF LS50 Meta Loudspeaker Review

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Beat Of The Brass [A&M AMC146 open-reel tape]. Ordinarily, I listen to Alpert’s superb recordings because the punch of his trumpet is a killer test for transient attack, treble smoothness and other qualities. So explain this one to me… how is the LS50 Meta faster, with crisper transients, smoother in its decay, yet even less likely to show signs of sibilance than the already sweet-sounding LS50?

On to something less cluttered, the luscious-sounding Julie London on Julie Is Her Name [Analogue Productions APP-3006-45], every track sounding ‘in the room’. Gears into reverse for the pounding ‘Glad All Over’ from The Dave Clark Five – All the Hits [BMG BMGCAT408DLP]. No shortage of attack, scale or sheer power. The bottleneck guitar in Keb’ Mo’s Peace… Back By Popular Demand [Pure Pleasure/Epic/Okeh PPAN92687] as fluid and serpentine as it should be. As you might have gathered, I love this speaker.



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Well, I can very safely say that these new ribbon drivers by Audeze hit the ball out of the park! Billy’s piano playing has never sounded better or more life-like than what I experienced with this setup! The midrange was meaty and upfront with an incredible amount of detail that just left me smiling from ear to ear! The treble was in perfect proportion to the lower frequencies and seemed to dance on top of the midrange with such an airy and delicate balance that very much reminded me of an electro-static presentation. Yes, it does appear that you can have your cake and eat it too

Schiit Audio Freya + and Aegir Review. Tubes, Class A

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Classé Audio Delta PRE/MONO DAC/Preamp & Monoblocks Review

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By any standards, the latest Classé Delta amps are a triumph, combining a hugely flexible and ultra clean-sounding preamplifier with power amplifiers as capable of mighty clout as they are revealing of the smallest of detail. They look the part, are superbly engineered and constructed to impeccable standards, and can cope with even the most complex of systems without any signs of compromise in their performance.


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the M3X is a compact and light device, measuring 109mm x 72mm x 15.9mm and 168g. As for the layout, both the unbalanced and balanced outs are located on the top of the device and the USB-C charging port is located on the bottom along with the SD-card slot. On the left side of the device, there are three navigation buttons. Via those, you can skip tracks and pause or resume the playback. On the right side of the device, there is a volume pot that can be pressed on. It acts as a power button and looks very elegant with the notched design. Under the volume pot, there is a single LED that lets you know about the power status. It is really easy to use the device with one hand and it seamlessly fits into my jean pockets.

Atoll Electronique MS120 network player, DAC and pre-amp

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The bass is big and impressive but it’s not always in control, yet it has its stage purpose. The EM64 isn’t as refined, precise and clear sounding and the mids compared to the Craft Six are very light and to the back. Upper mids and vocals are forwardly tuned so you’re getting a more w-shaped signature here. The treble is also very different as it in the Craft six is more extended, refined and refined.


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The Polk Legend L800s are a stone-cold bargain in the world of high-end loudspeakers. They deliver a true full-range sound from below 20Hz to above 20,000Hz. The soundstage brought forth by SDA Pro technology creates a unique listening experience. They can handle micro-dynamics with the finesse of a small monitor while delivering crescendos from a full-scale orchestra with ease. The L800s do not require an expensive amplifier to deliver a terrific performance, but if you want to power them with a five-figure amplifier, they are more than capable. For $5,998 per pair, I don’t know of any speakers that can deliver everything this Polk L800 system delivers. Highly recommended.

Technics SU-G700 Integrated Amp Review

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SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer Review

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Next, up: How loud? My previous trials were just about as loud as I ever listen electively. But science demands more, so I powered down my left/right monitors and repeated the same track rotation, auditioning the subs “naked,” while gradually increasing level. With about 6dB added, the little SVS was still fine—solidly pitch-defined and free of rude noises—as was, of course, the big SVS tube. So too was the KEF, though it was noticeably less loud, its DSP dynamic/equalization being activated as the electromechanical system approached its limits. At about 10dB louder than my original level the SVS evinced the same sort of limiting: it still sounded clean and musical, but essentially stopped responding to higher signal input, getting little if any louder. It also produced a noticeable “tup” on the leading edge of the strongest/lowest notes, which was not present at the lower levels. Presumably, this was a mechanical artifact of the sub’s drivers and/or bass-dynamics brain probing their limits, though it was never audible in full-system listening at any level. The PC-12-Plus took the blue here, producing ridiculous bass levels, and simultaneously exciting many more previously unknown room rattles.

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