SVS 3000 Micro Subwoofer Review

July 28, 2021 § Leave a comment

Next, up: How loud? My previous trials were just about as loud as I ever listen electively. But science demands more, so I powered down my left/right monitors and repeated the same track rotation, auditioning the subs “naked,” while gradually increasing level. With about 6dB added, the little SVS was still fine—solidly pitch-defined and free of rude noises—as was, of course, the big SVS tube. So too was the KEF, though it was noticeably less loud, its DSP dynamic/equalization being activated as the electromechanical system approached its limits. At about 10dB louder than my original level the SVS evinced the same sort of limiting: it still sounded clean and musical, but essentially stopped responding to higher signal input, getting little if any louder. It also produced a noticeable “tup” on the leading edge of the strongest/lowest notes, which was not present at the lower levels. Presumably, this was a mechanical artifact of the sub’s drivers and/or bass-dynamics brain probing their limits, though it was never audible in full-system listening at any level. The PC-12-Plus took the blue here, producing ridiculous bass levels, and simultaneously exciting many more previously unknown room rattles.

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