LEAR LUF-Turbo Dual Dynamic Driver IEM Review

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“Conclusion: Well I wasn’t sure what I was getting with the LUF-Turbo, I was expecting bass cannons but instead I was actually pleasantly surprised. These are not flawless, but nothing really is, what these do produce though is a very fun and engaging sound without major dips or peaks. Yes the bass is full and articulate, the mids sit a little behind but do sound quite good, and the highs are definitely there with good energy and sparkle. To get this sound from 2 dynamic drivers is no easy feat, add in excellent build and comfort and these are quite the budget IEM. These are one of those IEM’s you can put in and forget about when out and about; they are not made for critical listening, but for enjoyment.”


Shure’s $3,000 KSE1500 headphones Review

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“Listening to Igor Stravinsky conducting his own composition “The Soldier’s Tale Suite,” the purity of the sound was utterly breathtaking. Pink Floyd’s early work, “A Saucer Full of Secrets” was a mind expanding experience. Again, it’s the sense of being there, feeling like I’m breathing the same air as the musicians. You just don’t get that with other in-ear headphones.”


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“You still get a similar emphasis compared to the F9 from 50-100Hz and a very slight sub-bass roll-off but it is not pushing down on the mids with that lower mid dip. Nor is it overly warming up instrumental timbre. As such, the F9 Pro presentation is a bit more balanced sounding than the F9, a touch more forgiving, and still delivering excellent resolution for this price point.”

Rhapsodio Saturn Review

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“Whilst far from being my cup of tea, I can see why the Saturn could be popular with some. The build quality is excellent; they look fantastic and offer a really fun sound. The bass is full and somewhat over-the-top during certain tracks, but this is without completely ruining the midrange. Only a small band in the lower midrange is really affected, the rest is well detailed and not overly recessed. The highs are energetic but never harsh; these are just a fun and enjoyable listen.”


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“The separation and stereo imaging is very strong but the parts of the spectrum are not extremely separated from each other. And that, I think, is the very thing that generates an integrated, cohesive sound. Sound stage on the other hand is also very good in terms of depth. It’s not very wide but since the mids are not much in your face, it doesn’t give you a congested staging. Actually the staging also feels like the Spiral SE-5 Ref.

EarSonics S-EM9 In-Ear Monitors $1799 Review

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“When compared with the similarly-priced Jerry Harvey Roxanne CIEM ($1795) the S-EM9 delivered more extended, detailed bass and sub-bass. After adjusting the Roxanne’s bass controls for a richer mix, the Roxanne did generate more midbass than the S-EM9 but not more low bass. The Roxannes were slightly more comfortable (they are a custom fit, after all), but both IEMs were comfy enough for multi-hour listening sessions. While both in-ears imaged quite well, the S-EM9 had slightly more specific image placement with greater sense of three-dimensionality.”

Sony Ear Duo – Hands On at MWC 2018

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