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“At £49 a pair, Final’s E3000 is down to brass tacks on what you are able to receive from a high end earphone purchase. Unfortunately the E3000s lack a noteworthy driving bass element to their sonic picture that could be hard to overlook for some. I was able to compensate the bass response by pairing the E3000 earphones with my ifi iDAC2 headphone amp. If you have the means, I found that with the proper support of a headphone amp my impression never strayed far from hearing a balanced musical picture. ”



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“However, the warm tilt is very consequent, making it easy for the brain to adjust, so I can’t say that it works better for male or female vocals. It is a coloration that can easily be compensated and among the warmth, there are no apparent peaks that add further distortion to timbre. Vocals stand freely and well-contrasted.”


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“2017 was an exceptional year for new product designs. The innovative creations by masterful designers keep reaching new heights in personal audio. The year was filled with so many magnificent products and companies that were so inviting, that this year that it was difficult to pick the best in design and sound. We salute all the manufacturers who submitted their products for review this year and we are excited about the products that are coming for next year. Personal Audio continues to make new statements in audio and the talented personal audio designers continue to create new benchmarks in sound and engineering, Congratulations to everyone dedicated to creating musical products that redefine recorded music. Happy Holidays to everyone from the team at Headphone.Guru.”


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“First and foremost, the Lola’s sound is defined by its wonderfully nuanced, well-balanced, and smooth yet highly articulate midrange response—response that I attribute to the Lola’s new dual dynamic midrange driver array. There’s a certain je ne sais quoi about these midrange drivers that allows them to sound vibrant, alive, engaging, and highly expressive, yet at the same time to sound neutrally balanced with almost complete freedom from overt colourations.

Bose Soundsport REVIEW – Video

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Unique Melody Merlin V2 Hybrid Universal IEM Review

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“A lot of CIEM designers tend to emphasize detail, particularly a bump in the treble region. Although it does provide more realism and spaciousness, I find that overall timbre deteriorates. It just doesn’t sound natural or coherent. UM didn’t take this approach with the Merlin V2. While comparing the Merlin V2 to the sound of my reference 2-channel near-field system (Omega Compact Alnicos), the Merlin V2 gets close in tone and timbre but is a little mellow in the resolution and air department. As far as imaging and soundstage depth, it’s difficult for any IEM to reproduce these as accurately as speakers. The point of this comparison is to see how far a $1,049 IEM could get to something I would consider to be of reference sound. That said, the Merlin V2 does a fine job of conveying musicality and rhymic tactility without any artificial energy or harshness.”

Clear Tune Monitors VS-2 Dual BA IEM $399 Review

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“The more I listened to these, the more they grew on me. They don’t have overblown bass, but have speed and accuracy on their side. They are not a smooth and laid back sounding IEM, they offer up an exceptionally detailed and complete sound for the price and amount of drivers. I really like this tuning, and believe Clear Tune have done a superb job getting a lot out of these 2 drivers. If you like a slightly mid forward, highly detailed and accurate sound, these should be high on your list.”

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