Noble Sage In-Ear Monitors Review – Video

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Soundstage and Imaging of Headphones – Video

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Shure KSE1200 Review – Video

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“But have they achieved their goal? We will soon find out but give them credit, they tried something different haven’t they? Take Saegusa is their director of development and I was in contact with him all the time. Take-san is very responsive and communicative, and working together with him was very easy and smooth. I wish the best for our Japanese friends there.


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“First, the tips. Slip on the foam tips and you will get a better seal, a smoother treble response, and more low-end impact. Second, check your source. Those without aptX might find the sound a little lacking in dynamic range and impact whereas those with aptX signals will get a more dynamic performance. Finally, check your source. They do not all deliver the same level of performance or tonality.”

iFi iEMatch Quick Review – Video

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“The HiFiMAN RE2000 In-Ear Monitors are an impeccable sounding pair of earphones. To my mind they sound very much like HiFiMAN’s former flagship HE1000 cans in character, just applied to the in-ear format. They have an appealing “alive” sound quality that is exceedingly revealing but never ruthless with any material that I played with them. Sensitive enough to be driven by a smartphone, the RE2000s really come into their own when driven by a quality headphone amp or DAP. Played under those conditions, you get the best of everything. The bass is strong and tight, the vocals lush and the highs sound as sweet as can be. Plus, they are fairly comfortable to boot! The only reservations I have about the RE2000 have nothing to do with their sound quality at all, just with their accompanying accessories. They are sparse, and for the money, I simply would have expected more. Overall however, if you are a discerning listener and are looking for a top notch sounding pair of IEMs, you would do well to audition the HiFiMAN RE2000s. With a good amp, precious little sounds better.”

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