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On the outside, the solid stainless-steel chassis design was inspired by various raw shapes found in nature, such as the rounded surface of minerals like hematite. Following the same comfort principles as all other Meze Audio products, this sinuous, ergonomically contoured shape allows the earphones to be inserted and removed with ease, reducing discomfort during longer listening sessions.

Sennheiser IE 600 Review

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The mid-bass body completes the presentation nicely with good transition, and the mids have very good dynamism and definition. Although the Elsa is an IEM that gives generous treble, which I’ll go into shortly, the mids still have good space to shine. Elsa also escapes from being a thin-sounding IEM, and although it somewhat has a bright-ish signature, it still has a very good body and musicality here.

So the mids are quite energetic and a bit bright but not too much. So you get very good clarity and transparency here. The instruments and vocals have excellent definition. The instrument separation is good and the instruments and vocals have good positioning. The mids also have a very consistent and realistic tonality with a studio-quality approach. So the Shozy Elsa also gets the job done in the mid-range department too.


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Secondly, the shell of the product is in the medium-large size category and cannot be said to be very compact, so if you are among small-eared Headfonians, I must say that you should consider the fit issue. Apart from that, the nozzle of the earphone is not very long. Final has designed the earphone not to fully enter the canal, but to sit comfortably at the entrance. Frankly, I did not encounter any comfort problems even though I listened to it non-stop until the battery was completely dead. During my time with it, I also had the chance to go to the gym with the ZE3000 a few times, even during intense cardio it managed to stay firmly and comfortably in my ear. In general, the tips that come with it are a little small compared to the JVC Spiral Dots that I normally use, so I preferred the largest size ear tip.

Let’s go back to the design elements of the earphone. The ZE3000 comes with an interesting finish. Final named this coating “Shibo”. “Shibo” means crease on paper or leather in Japanese. Sony’s mirrorless cameras have a similar finish and look quite stylish. I see the same texture on the charging case as well and overall, the product feels unique and sets itself apart from other earphones in this price range.


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Clear, dynamic, musical, with excellent deep tight bass and enough flavor combinations to satisfy even the most picky of connoisseurs, the FiiO FH9 In-Ear Monitors are well deserving of the title of flagship and easily competitive with any IEM in its price range. They easily handle any form of music and scale up well to higher resolution electronics. The combination of silicone tips and their semi-open back design makes them extremely comfortable for long-term listening, while bass heads will love them with the foam tips whether into Hip Hop or Death Metal, the FH9 deliver all music without prejudice. They even worked well with the $149 K5 Pro ESS desktop amp (review pending). So once again, FiiO delivers excellent value for the money with class beating musicality and performance.


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This is the most impressive side of the FoKus Pro. I don’t know if it’s the configuration or wizard’s magic, the unit has a really solid technical foundation and it should be a reference for future TWS earphones. The soundstage feels wide and relatively deep. The positioning of the instruments feels accurate and the separation is impressive. The PRaT is solid, the unit has good attack and decay, handles congestion with ease, and does not feel claustrophobic with any genre. The tonal balance is quite good too if you don’t mind EQ’ing the bass response a couple of decibels. The FoKus Pro is the most capable TWS that I’ve listened to, period. In fact, I was starting to lose hope in the development of wireless earphones. Thanks to Noble, I now am reminded that much better products can be launched into this industry and I am once again looking forward to the future.

Sennheiser IE 900 universal fit in-ear monitors

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The same recording allows the IE 900 to showcase their talents where a smooth, even and utterly convincing description of the frequency range is concerned. Not many groups manage to make modern instrumentation sound as antiquated, whiskery and woody as The Band, and the Sennheisers are almost gratuitously detailed from the top of the frequency range to the bottom. Bass is full-figured but fleet of foot, with plenty of substance but next-to-nothing by way of overhang – control is absolute. At the opposite end, there’s absolutely as much bit and shine to treble sounds as is acceptable – but though they periodically threaten to spill over i


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As you can see in the pictures of the 18+PRO and LIVE models, a lot can be done to customize and personalize your monitors. The one thing to note here is that UE for this version doesn’t offer any shell customisation. The only personalisation you can do here are the face plates.

I absolutely love the design of my LIVE and 18+PRO and for the UE 11 PRO I wanted something more normal. As I got to try out the Switch system, I chose the following 3 options for the face plates: car camouflage, jeans and solid green with the UE logo. Simple but nice.

64 Audio U6t & Duo Review

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The Noble FoKus Pro True Wireless IEMs stand as not only the best sounding True Wireless IEMs I have listened to, but the best Bluetooth headphones I have heard. Paring is a snap, and their extremely compact size makes them light and comfortable and not likely to fall out due to excessive weight. On top of that, the packaging is conveniently sized making them easy to slip into a pocket for travel.

My only complaints are minor ones, the tips are a bit of a challenge to swap, and due to the magnetic anchoring and their slippery body removing them from the charge case can take a little practice.

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