Custom Art FIBAE 7 Review

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“Implementation is key here and this could well be Custom Art’s best-performing monitor to date. I am happy to see we are not pushing the $1.5 – 2k marker for the FIBAE 7, something which Custom Art has never done with their products before. When you consider that the original Harmony 8 was launched 5 years ago, (2014), at €925, then the FIBAE 7 price in 2019 seems more than reasonable.

The excellent tuning is what makes the FIBAE 7 stand out and that is something we will go into a lot more detail in the coming weeks so stay tuned for that!”


1More True Wireless Review

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“Unlike many of the other true wireless headphones I’ve heard, the 1More Stylish TWS earphones sound very musical out the gate. And there’s no app and equalizer to fumble with – because you don’t need it. It also supports AptX! Bonus points there.

The tuning of the 1More Stylish is obviously towards the bass region. You won’t get a lot of shimmer, sizzle, or shine but you’ll get plenty of punchy bass, rich vocals, and a much meatier sound. You would think everything would sound smeared and veiled – but it isn’t. It’s refreshing given how thin and brittle these other true wireless earphones sound.”


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“I mentioned it in the disclaimer, I received a prototype for this review. Thus my unit does not reflect the final production design. Valkyrie will come with a black shell and a dragonhide face plate. The developer of the design currently holds 2 patents in polymer science for high solids coating chemistry and the process itself was developed over the past 17 years. Dragonhide features a unique Dichoric optical core within each lamination, resulting in dramatic color shifts as the viewing angle changes.”

Sony WF-1000XM3 Noise-Canceling Truly Wireless Earbuds Review

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“As far as codecs, the Sony WF-1000XM3 only supports AAC and SBC, not even AptX HD or Sony’s own LDAC. I believe this is due to the bandwidth limitations of having each earbud connect to your device – which improves stability. Which is probably more important – I guess.”

Lime Ears Aether R & Model X Headphones Review

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“qdc has created a flagship monitor that definitely plays in the big leagues and rivals some of the global players. The Anole VX to me stands head-to-head with some of the industry’s finest IEMs and deserves every spotlight it can get. qdc shows us, that in spite of the recent trend of multi-driver, multi-tech hybrid flagship monitors, an all BA design can still be very competitive.

The switch-system of the Anole VX makes it a very versatile monitor. I can see many people being taken care of with it. People that enjoy a good neutralish sound, others that want more bass, vocal lovers and treble heads. They all can find what they are looking for in qdc’s Anole VX. My personal favourite is the standard setting, as I just love the balanced sound with superb body and soul.”


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“Unless you are a complete treble head or a dynamic driver purist it is incredibly hard not to enjoy the Aether R’s sound signature. Call me enamored if you will but I for one enjoyed its tuning with all the ‘bumps’ in the right places to produce a riotously musical and slightly euphonic listening experience.

When I say musical, which tends to mean a lot of things to a lot of people, but for me, it is a pleasant ‘driving sound’ with good PraT, heady vocal prominence, and a smooth full-bodied treble. In a way, it sort of reminds me of the excellent qdc Anole V6 tuning with a ‘spot on’ wet timbre tuned for an involved yet non-fatiguing listening experience.”

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