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“Lark Studio have a fairly excellent support center for guidance on ear mold impressions that work best for them. this is pretty important given the costs of getting them done and the logistics of getting them there. They will do a refit free or charge within the first 30 days but still that shipping costs to China make doing the original ear impressions right the first time all the more important.

Lark Studio ask for an open-mouth full ear impression beyond the second bend in an open jaw position. I would advise a bite block of some kind of a max of two fingers in width to keep your jaw open and steady during the process.”



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“HUM keep it kind of simple with their packaging. Perhaps too simple for a product costing this much. I would love to see some retail packaging to go with the strikingly attractive modified 1010 case they offer for carrying your Dolores around.

The Pelican 1010 is dust and element proof and has some soft and very protective rubber finishing on the inside so it is pretty good for day to day use, throwing it in the bag or just throwing it if you are that way inclined. For attachment purposes, you also get a detachable carabiner lock.

Inside you get your pair of Dolores, the Tara cable, 3 sets of silicone tips and a cleaning brush. And, ‘that’s all she wrote folks’


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“The bass quantity in the Odin is quite ideal and pretty much hits the sweet spot. The subbass is not dominating in any way and it doesn’t go impressively low, but the mid bass and sub bass balance is good. The focus is mostly on mid bass though, which is not a surprise from a BA monitor. So quantity and balance-wise things are very good.

However the bass is a little slow when it comes to delivering those kicks in high speed. The texture also isn’t particularly impressive. The resolution of the bass is good and the hits are very very nice. They don’t get in the way of the other frequencies which is also nice, but lows lack some texture and speed altogether. The recovery is not very fast so that sometimes forms a somewhat congested presentation. The tightness of the bass simply is not a strong suite of the Odin.”

FiiO FA7 Earphones Review

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“Now we have the TE-5B and the TE-5T models from Hyla, of which only 200 units will be made/sold and they’re available to purchase at the moment. Make sure to place your order fast if you plan to get one.

Trident Engine 5 Bass & Treble, those are the full names of these new IEMs. The B model stands for “bass” and the T model stands for “treble”. So obviously these two companions are tuned differently to appeal to varying tastes. Both IEMs consist of 1 Dynamic driver + 2 BAs + 1 Piezo Ceramic Driver, just like the CE-5. I don’t have the information if they used the exact same drivers or not, but for sure they sound different.”


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“Using the FA1 with phones, you will notice the boost in clarity especially in the treble, the bass is quite shy and attacks comfortably not covering up the sub-bass content. This helps the bass extension sound deeper and makes the overall tuning more dynamic. The tuning is not veiled on either the treble or the lows although it is limited by a single driver’s capability. The soundstage is fairly large and there are no obvious flaws in the tuning.

In particular, I like how the crispiness in the treble makes the upper vocal range and percussion instruments more pronounced, strengthening the texture and resolution of female vocals and violins.”

Best True Wireless Headphones for 2019

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