Bose SoundSport – Video

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Google Pixel Buds: AI-powered headphones $150 Review – VIDEO

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New Headphones (And MUCH More) At CanJam @ RMAF 2017 – Video

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“As advertised, the Kaiser Encore does offer enhanced midrange response as compared to the K10, with a somewhat more midrange forward sound. But what the press release doesn’t say is that the Kaiser Encore also offers substantially different voicing from top to bottom, with tighter, better controlled, and more accurately balanced bass, wonderfully revealing and wide-open mids, and more focussed, more delicate, and more extended highs. In short, the Kaiser Encore has been transformed to become arguably the most neutral sounding, most accurately balanced, and most revealing of all Noble earphones I have yet heard. Does this represent a fairly big departure from the sound of the K10? Yes. Is that a good thing? Emphatically yes!”

JH Audio Roxanne 2 Unboxing – Video

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“The Sage has more upper mids and treble energy than the Savant and in general, has a more neutral sounding presentation. Vocals and percussion are more forward with a cleaner attack and overall you get a better level of headroom and spaciousness with the Sage. Those who felt the Savant was missing a little in terms of top end sparkle might prefer the Sage in that respect with its more audible final octave and better vocal presence.”

Jaybird goes totally wireless with new Run earphones – Video

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