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“You get a fuller sound with excellent resolution and imaging. The Plenue L has a slightly warmer than neutral signature, which plays very well with the balanced and almost reference class sounding VE 3.2 in my opinion.

The Cowon adds some of the missing blood and emotions to the sound. It does not fall short in terms of resolution at all, as the Plenue L definitely knows how to properly do D/A conversion.”


Sony WF-1000XM3 REVIEW

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RHA CL-2 First Planar Magnetic In -ear Headphones

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Campfire Audio Solaris IEMs $1499 Review

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“Overall then, Campfire Audio have outdone themselves with the craftsmanship, solid aesthetics, and fantastic sound quality of the Solaris. The hybrid IEM produces a cohesive sound, which draws on the brand’s many years of audio experience. In addition, the flagship IEM offers an open sound with high levels of resolution and detail without ever sounding clinical. It is also nice to see the premium level of accessories included with the Solaris, which fits in with its flagship status. Unlike many other brands, Campfire Audio have always pushed the envelope, and constantly are redefining the standards in the world of portable audio. With an IEM to match, the $1499 Solaris represents a significant, but recommended investment for those wishing for top quality sound in a top quality form factor.”

Sony WF-SP700n ANC Truly Wireless Earphone – REVIEW

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“Canary is my first CIEM with electrostatic tweeters. I have been very interested in this driver technology in In Ears for a while, and I am very glad to finally have had the opportunity to explore e-stats a little. AAW brings a more than complete package with this CIEM. The accessories are spectacular, the build quality very good and the sound just wonderful.

The Canary does make a lot of things right, maybe it doesn’t lead the hoard in any particular segment, but it presents an excellent tuning balance and for me is one of the top CIEMs in my collection. Canary doesn’t seem to step a foot wrong, but rather plays it safe. It doesn’t risk anything to go beyond it’s abilities, which makes it a nicely enjoyable ride.”


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“While there is top-notch clarity and a fairly transparent midrange, its lower registers lack the presence which in turn takes away just a little of body and weight on snares and other percussions. Nonetheless, the midrange of Z1R remains transparent and open-sounding while providing a good level of attack.

The focus on the upper midrange of the Z1R is more prominent when I took it for a spin on Alice in Chains’ track “Brother” from their MTV Unplugged album. The track portrays a well-layered vocal presentation from both Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell. While Z1R is able to achieve superb separation on the vocals, the upper midrange spike provides more clarity and presence on Staley’s high-pitched voice compared to the low-pitched voice of Cantrell which is pushed back just little bit.

Listening to the acoustic guitars from the same track, high notes on the chords are more highlighted but the low-pitched strings still manage to maintain satisfactory weight and body even with the slight lower-midrange roll off.”

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