Topping D30 Pro DAC and A30 Pro headphone amp Review

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However, the soundstage is quite narrow and the instruments play a bit close to each other, which creates a cramped feeling at times. The width is not spectacular in this case. The depth is on good levels and there’s good layering here. The only thing missing is the sound-stage width. As a result, the positioning is not the best here.

Tonality is very good, especially when you consider the fact that this is a v-shaped IEM (although not substantially). Instruments have a very realistic tone with good breath, and I especially liked the guitar with the 3DT. The separation is also very good but that takes a hit because of the sound-stage width. The IEM has excellent control, especially in lows.


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As befits a flagship IEM the FiiO FD5 Dynamic Driver IEM comes in an elegant magnetic clasp box with a plethora of accessories including five different styles of ear-tips (three of which come in three different sizes while the foam and tri-flange come in two), two interchangeable sound tubes (to accommodate different ear canals as well as offer different sonic properties), three interchangeable audio jack connectors (2.5mm TRRS, 3.5mm TRS, and 4.4mm TRRRS), an expanded MMCX cable with 8 strands of monocrystalline silver-plated copper cable, an HB5 imitation leather storage case, a cleaning brush, and a special Final MMCX ASSIST MMCX detachment tool, along with the obligatory manual and audio jack swap cheat sheet.


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For its price, the Legacy 4 has an excellent package and offers a great unboxing experience. Once you open the zippered bag, you’re welcomed with the earpieces, 6 pairs of silicone tips, and a very generous carrying case. The case itself is high quality with protected foam inside. The fact that you can use the big case which stores all the content in itself for other purposes, is awesome.

The build quality is above standard in this market for a budget level like this. The IEM looks very clean, neat, and premium. Although the inside of the shell is painted black, you can actually see the internals under some light. I can say that inside the IEM is nicely packed and clean-cut as well. The tuning switches feel very nice too, and the bass port is beautifully cut. The nozzles have a seamless connection to the shells. Everything is nice and clean here with no worries regarding build quality.


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The Audeze Euclid features a wide soundstage with effortless neutrality packing fantastic mid to high range clarity. It’s accurate with the tonality and timbre of wind and string instruments and has an upper mid pronunciation giving it a bit of sparkle there. The general signature can be described as light and with a present but fairly minimal bass response. The vocals suit females more due to its flat mid-range clarity with upper mid boost. I found male vocalists to be decent but the Euclid does miss out on reproduction of the lower-vocal range making it less fitting for husky and deeper voices. The duo between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga with the song “Shallow” is a good example of this. The earphone can also be sibilant and have a scratchy upper range at times.

Shure Aonic 4 / Aonic 5 IEM Review

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Monolith by Monoprice M-TWE True Wireless Earbuds Review

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I noticed a few things right away about the M-TWE before settling in for a serious listening session. Cycling through the various modes, I was surprised by how much of an effect they had on the sound. It was the most natural and accurate with noise cancellation turned on. Ambient mode was still accurate, but the level of added external sound seemed excessive. For example, I was sitting in my very quiet listening room where there are no air-handlers or fans, but I still heard quite a bit of additional noise. The biggest surprise was how drastically the sound changed with Ambient mode switched to Off. Instead of just eliminating ambient sound, the soundstage collapsed to nea


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The treble is very bright in the Siren with good definition and extension. It’s also articulated and nicely separated. But in busy tracks, the treble tends to be a bit mixed and congested. This doesn’t happen usually but happens to depend on the recording.

So the treble is a bit aggressive and forward and it’s the focal point of the Siren. If you like to hear your cymbals in front, then this is your answer. While I think this presentation is a bit over the edge, I think there are people who would like this certain character. Once again, there’s a good resolution and transparency here, a strong suit of the Siren.

Grado GT220 Bluetooth Wireless IEM Review

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Next up, modern pop with “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper from the 2018 standout film “A Star Is Born”. I found the GT 220s to have a slight recession in the vocals but remarkable stability and range extending into the upper-midrange. Bradley’s voice was deep and gritty while Stefani’s produced stunning detail as she hit into the upper notes. I would consider the naturalness to be a hair-pin offset from neutral mainly due to the darker tendency of the unit. One area I was hoping for more in would be the energy of the midrange which fell flatter than I was hoping compared to say the Ananda (open back planar). Which speaks volumes to the GT 220 that I’m even bringing up this comparison. 

RHA TrueControl ANC Review

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The RHA’s sonic character plays into the hands of such a track: it’s big and full, warm and smooth, with an abundant low-end and rich mids that are able to get stuck into the meaty electric riffs and double-kick drumming. There’s a fair amount of detail in the mix, too.

Switch the noise-cancelling on and it doesn’t affect the sonics as much as we’ve heard with some other earbuds – all in all, it’s pretty satisfying. Their best efforts to reduce background TV noise and everyday road traffic are laudable, although as is to be expected from this kind of design they won’t cloak you in isolation to the extent that heavy traffic or engine noise is completely muted. You’re still likely to be disturbed when playing at low volume or mellow instrumental tracks, too. 

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