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Bass is really impressive. It has really good body and impact but it at the same time is tight and fast. Bass reaches down really low and has good layering and detail retrieval, there even is a nice sub bass rumble when needed.

While the bass actually sounds a lot like the typical dynamic driver bass, it’s actually fully produced by Knowles balanced armatures. Very impressive!

The lower mids perfectly separate from the bass and the are lighter in presence and body. This combined with the energetic and more present upper mids, produces the v-shaped presentation. Which many people like. The energy, detail retrieval and timbre of the upper mids and vocals is really good. The timbre is smooth but clear and very musical. The note extension and depth are very nice as well. The vocals shine.”


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The Kronos Quartet’s “Aaj Ki Raat—Tonight is the Night” (Kronos Caravan, Nonsuch) begins, and at play across this track in addition to the violin, viola, and cello are a mix of exotic instruments from the Hindustani tabla to the Lebanese nay to the Iranian kemancheh, tar, and tombak. The EVE renders this mix of instruments with aplomb and nary a trace of shrillness or harshness or glassiness. Its highs are clear, fast, well extended, sweet, with a transparency that digs down to fingers across strings, drum skins, and cello bows.

Just one more, please. Vilda Frang’s “Allegro Molto II” (Veress String Trio/Bartók Piano Quintet, Alpha) plays, and there is quiet and air and raps, plucks, bows, and even the knuckling of a violin. The EVE’s transparency again renders crystal clarity, timbral / tonal distinction, weight, space, and positioning, sublimely. And as the trio of violin, viola, cello reach sweetly for the limits of treble extension, again, shrillness or harshness or brightness or glare are vanished, entirely.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 Earphones Review

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Dunu Luna IEM Review

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Empire Ears Odin Review $3399 Review

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“The low-end shaping contributes much to the slightly cooler nature of the Odin lower-range instrumental and male vocal timbre. That sub-bass tuning is incredibly potent but importantly, very controlled in terms of dynamic range. That means it hits hard when loud and stays quiet and nuanced when not required.

This is not a bloomy, dense, and omnipotent bass presence primarily due to the drop around 100Hz and dipped lower-mids right up to 1k. This keeps the warmth in check but also means instruments in this range lack a little girth, richness, or liquidity. That is a preference call because on the flipside the separation, clarity, and articulation from the lower-mids are outstanding.

And the power, oh my. The lowest fundamental on the Odin’s instrumental timbre is just fantastic. Combine that with the aforementioned dynamic range and control and it is a tailor-made tuning for that sparse but weighty modern R’n’B sound but at the same time really add some critical authority to double kick drums so critical to metal standards.”

NEW Final Audio EVA 2020 True Wireless

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I decided to change it up and move to the Classical genre. I started with Sergei Rachmaninoff’s “Vocalise, Op. 34”. This is one of my favorite pieces and it did not disappoint on the NX7 Pros. The mids were nicely pronounced, especially when the oboes come in. The background was entirely black and the highs did not feel “too sharp” as many of the more affordable IEMs often do when playing classical but were still a little pronounced.”


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“The Hero can be put down in a few sentences as a monitor with impactful, authoritative and extended lows. It has a beautifully smooth mid-range that puts upper mids lightly forward. Vocals
on the Hero stand out the most as its best quality in my opinion. The treble is a bit conflicting, as it can be on the edge of sharpness at times, but generally it has an agile top that delivers a great
sense of air.
Hero reaches deep into the sub-bass and does so with good drive. It has a slightly forward bass presence, that does not overshadow any other frequency range. Hero does keep its lows well”

Unique Melody MEST Review

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FiiO FH3 IEMs — A Hybrid Bargain

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