Campfire Audio Solaris SE T Review

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“On the Solaris, this vocal passage sounds a little ‘steelier’ in tone but with more separation on the layers. The Solaris SE blends the layers a bit more and produces a bit more warmth and liquidity on the vocal timbre. You could say it generates a slightly softer hit on the percussion but without diminishing its presence. I get a feeling the Solaris SE is going to be a little more matchable as a result of that timbral tweak.

The Solaris SE mids driver generally sounds a little more even in positioning and presence than the original Solaris driver. I would define it as a more natural sound than the more excitable clean timbre of the Solaris original.”

Campfire Audio Andromeda MW10 Limited Edition IEMs

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InEar ProMission X Review

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The ProMission X has a degree more coloration than the ProPhile 8 but it is not as warm or bottom-heavy as the SD5. My initial impression here is of an articulate, pacy but natural sound. I do detect a gentle u-shape with an extended low-end and a bit of mid-bass elevation, maybe just shy of 4-5dB over neutral.

The low-end is offset or balanced out with a 1-2k bump that teases out some very nice and dare I say it fairly pure sounding vocals performances. What is impressive is the upper treble of the ProMission X. There is a bump around 8k but it doesn’t produce a lean or tizzy overtone on the high-pitched instruments. Instead, there is just enough to tease out an excellent harmonic balance and a nice sense of instrumental clarity with some good headroom.

Campfire Audio: Solaris, Polaris II & Andromeda

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IEM Shootout 2 – Featuring 64 Audio, Campfire Audio, Empire Ears, Noble Audio,

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“How you receive and react to the bass response of the DK-3001 depends a bit on experience and expectation. One might think a 13mm dynamic driver would chuck out tons of coloration and smash something like the ultra-V shaped heavy-hitting Polaris 2 out of the park. That is not the case here with the DK-3001 PRO. This is a very linear and controlled low-end with a lighter than expected overtone.

Whilst the timbre is still a dynamic driver DUNU seems to have done an admirable job of reducing the worst excesses of dynamic drivers. That means it is fairly quick and tight sounding, very nicely layered and does not overpower the lower-mids with what I would describe as a very smooth transition from the upper bass into the lower-mids.”


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“While the LCDi4 offers a more balanced and neutral presentation, the LCDi3 offers a touch of warmth and sweetness that will be more forgiving of your upstream source and offer a very pleasing and easy listening experience for long periods of time. Throwing in pretty much every accessory that you’ll need (except for maybe the kitchen sink), these new in-ears will have you off to the races regardless of how you want to use them (Apple iDevice, wirelessly, or wired to a fantastic source). If you’ve always wanted the LCDi4, but wanted to save some money at the same time, I strongly suggest you give the LCDi3 an audition and strong consideration; you won’t be disappointed!””

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