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” Both portraying a wide and deep soundscape and literal wall of sound, the LCDi4s were able to go from a very quiet and intimate opening to a large, expansive and dynamic finish, really showing the dynamic range of these IEMs. “Kept Woman” really reiterated what I had heard with the previous song, incredible sound staging, very natural frequency response and an incredible ability to extract the smallest details from a recording put the LCDi4s into a very small and select group of in-ear monitors (and full sized headphones for that matter) with these outstanding capabilities. But what truly set the LCDi4s apart was just how big they sounded. I previously thought that world class sound staging was only reserved for full sized open-backed headphones, but I guess that’s no longer true.”

Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote In-Ear Headphones $1,000 Review

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“Next, I sampled the 2017 remix of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. For this demo, I compared the Xelento Remote, which has a single 11mm dynamic driver, with a pair of custom-fitted $1,099 Jerry Harvey Audio JH13 Freqphase in-ear headphones that use six balanced-armature drivers in each earpiece. The Xelento Remotes’ sound was awfully good, but the JH13 Freqphases were clearer and more dynamic, and their bass was more pitch accurate, though less deep. As a custom-fit design molded for my own ears, the JH13 Freqphases did a better job hushing external noise. That said, the Xelento Remotes’ eartips have a shallower insertion, and for that reason, they’re a more comfortable set of headphones to wear.”



“Overall I absolutely love the iSINE20 in-ear headphones. Offering Audeze’s first in-ear experience in such a revolutionary planar magnetic product is quite an impressive engineering feat. The resulting sound quality is something that has to be experienced to be believed. If you thought you had to sacrifice sound stage and imaging with a portable product without spending north of $2000 US; well, that has now changed! This is simply the best value for a portable pair of headphones/IEMs that I’ve come across and if you don’t require noise isolation due to their open-back design, I can think of no better option! Well done Audeze”

Final Audio Design E3000 Review

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“In fact, the majority of sources have been far more capable than what someone who spends under $100 on earphones would be driving them from. Of course, they sounded incredible paired with the Opus #1, AK120 and Questyle QP1r but that is definitely overkilled. You don’t really need more than your phone to enjoy listening to the E3000. ”


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” The majority of the YK1 bass weight is focused on mid-bass warmth and fullness between 80Hz to 200Hz. The driver is not quite as powerful sounding as the SK1 but retains the same tonal balance on its low end. Bass roll-off is gradual starting around 80Hz and falling away a little more dramatically sub-50Hz with around a 5-6dB drop to 20Hz.

Focal Spark In-Ear Monitor $69.00

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“They are an entry level component that I can heartily recommend to budding audio enthusiast and collectors of personal audio gear alike, and at a price that makes buying sight unseen almost no risk at all. Even if you already have a favorite IEM in its category, you owe it to yourself to give the Focal Sparks a listen”

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