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“This is the tough part for reviewers. You listen to a lot of stuff including the ones that cost over 1000$, and when you receive something like this one after that, it’s very hard to adjust your ears and your brain to this level. We can’t come out and say “I only review high end gear from now on” like some other people do, as we have a responsibility for the people who prefer spending less money to audio. So we have to be fair to a product like this, and evaluate its sound in its own segment. There should always be a reference point in your mind, among different price ranges.”


CanJam London 2018 First Look – Video

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Final Audio E5000 Review

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“I use the earhooks, because I really don’t like straight-hanging cables. I find them all so terribly microphonic, and the IEMs fall out easier. A serious danger with the E5000, since it’s kinda big and kinda heavy. Furthermore, this cable is rather stiff, and not particularly light. The earhooks are the only things that make the wrap-around possible. But you can discard the hooks and wear them in whichever fashion you choose.”

Dunu Falcon-C Review

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“The Falcon-C is a modestly V-shaped earphone that impresses through its nicely even midrange and clean low-end. It’s a bright earphone up top though neutral in tone elsewhere. In addition, as the Falcon-C’s background and midrange aren’t overly bright, it doesn’t sound unnatural. Its sound ultimately demonstrates maturity and a more realistic timbre than most competitors while remaining engaging and open in its expression.”


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“Bass Ports Open: the bass ports allow you to add an extra 4dB down low, this is mainly affects the sub-bass and I personally prefer the tighter and more controlled sound with the ports closed. I found the lows to lack a bit of focus when the ports are open, making them sound a tiny bit muddy. The only time I like the bass ports open is with more sub-bass oriented genres, and having the ability to adjust this is great.”


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“Congratulations to Kinera for putting up this kind of a development with this IEM after their first hybrid model, H3. They addressed every complaint in terms of overall balance of the spectrum, and overall control. This is more like it now. A great sub 200 IEM that shines with many genres with a great bass response and clarity on mids, as well as well accentuated treble response. Some things are still there like the slight lack of midbass, and a little bit thin lower treble region. But these I think could easily be tolerated for what this IEM puts on the table.”


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“You are talking as much as a +12-18dB difference between the low-end up to 200Hz and a rather more linear curve for the official chart. The remainder of the response curve is largely unaffected beyond 2k for both charts. However, the black filter upper mids curve will seem more pronounced due to the heavier dip from the mid-bass down into the lower mids. I can only assume the relatively mild u-shape and slightly forward upper mids and lower treble of the official chart is without any filter at all.”

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