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“However, no one is thinking BA for the lows and a dynamic driver for the mids and that is the genius of the Elysium. It shouldn’t really work on conventional thinking but it does. The solidity and texture of the Elysium mids are to die for and just stunning because they can breathe and take center stage. Vocals are smooth, slightly to the euphonic side but thoroughly addictive to listen to. The clever transition from mids to a smooth but very detailed electrostatic treble tuning is really the icing on the cake.

The Elysium is in my bag for 90% of the time and it pretty much works for almost all of the music I listen to for hours on end. Bass heads might find this not to their taste. I suggest the Layla if you want the complete sub-bass experience from a flagship driver. But if solid mids and deep richly textured vocals are your thing then the Elysium is it, and then some.”

Meze Rai Pent Review

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Empire Ears Valkyrie

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The Valkyrie has a very likable tuning right out of the box and should appeal to those who like a bit of power in their low-end as well as a vocal delivery that doesn’t sound veiled or pushed back.

It has a very nice harmonic balance with more of a nuanced electrostatic driver tuning that adds enough headroom and clarity but without any hardness creeping into percussion and higher pitching vocal timbre. No sibilance yet for me and that is important.

I will be keen to see how it performs with electrostatic competitors in the same price range such as the Shozy/AAW POLA39 and Wavaya’s Octa, both of which have very different driver configurations. We still have a few months left of 2019 for some more electrostatic models to be slipped into the comparison section also so stay tuned!

Campfire Polaris Dual Hybrid Driver IEM Review

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Introducing AirPods Pro — Apple

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AME Custom Argent Electrostatic Driver IEM

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Sony IER-Z1R Flagship Hybrid IEM

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