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On each side, the brand emblazoned a different picture. While the left side displays SeeAudio’s logo (a mystic eye) and the brand name, the right side exhibits a blade-like sigil, underlined by the IEM’s name, Yume.

The cable is equally good and if you can find better ones on the market, there are far worse options than this one. It’s braided, straight-shaped at the end, and feels pretty robust. At least enough to withstand a daily dose of commuting abuse. 

Bowers & Wilkins PI7 $399 review

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We select one of B&W’s suggested tracks, Billie Eilish’s Everything I Wanted on Qobuz, and Eilish’s vocal is as nuanced and breathy as the artist intended within the PI7’s neutral presentation. The PI7 betters the competition when it comes to the layering of instruments and extra vocals, which join the mix with a modicum of extra space around them to shine. However, the intense rise and fall of this unique beat treatment is marginally more zealous and emotive through the Sennheisers.

B&W has served up a decisively transparent and detailed listen in the PI7, and one that will appeal to many listeners. It’s just that in aiming squarely at precision and clarity, the sound occasionally lacks an extra injection of dynamic excitement. The Sennheisers’ presentation is slightly richer and more full-bodied, making rhythmic musical passages and vocals through the low mids more impactful, without negatively affecting detail.

Tanchjim Darling Review

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on the left. The IEM looks really nice and I quite liked it.

Build quality is very good as well, as the earpieces are unibody including the nozzles. The sound bores are cut nicely too, and the faceplate closing is perfect. However, the recessed 2-pin sockets could’ve designed better with a deeper fit. It’s a recessed design but it’s actually not fully recessed so the cable connectors move slightly. It’s not a big deal, but I think they can improve that with a fully recessed design all the way down.

Sony WF-1000XM4 Review

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Sennheiser IE 900

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The first difference with balanced is that you in single ended configuration get a more intimate presentation, with less space between the notes and an overall less airy presentation. You do get he sense of the IE 900 sounding fuller. The second main impact is on the bass, which in single ended mode isn’t as precise and extended, but it do is fuller and it comes in with more punch and impact.

The third difference is in the top end extension and energy, which now is not as pronounced. And finally the vocals blend in more where they in balanced mode are more upfront. All-in-all you in SE mode get a full sounding, still balanced IE 900. In SE mode it’s a bit more about quantity and presence than it is about transparency and precision, but it’s still very good on all levels.

Topping D30 Pro DAC and A30 Pro headphone amp Review

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However, the soundstage is quite narrow and the instruments play a bit close to each other, which creates a cramped feeling at times. The width is not spectacular in this case. The depth is on good levels and there’s good layering here. The only thing missing is the sound-stage width. As a result, the positioning is not the best here.

Tonality is very good, especially when you consider the fact that this is a v-shaped IEM (although not substantially). Instruments have a very realistic tone with good breath, and I especially liked the guitar with the 3DT. The separation is also very good but that takes a hit because of the sound-stage width. The IEM has excellent control, especially in lows.


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As befits a flagship IEM the FiiO FD5 Dynamic Driver IEM comes in an elegant magnetic clasp box with a plethora of accessories including five different styles of ear-tips (three of which come in three different sizes while the foam and tri-flange come in two), two interchangeable sound tubes (to accommodate different ear canals as well as offer different sonic properties), three interchangeable audio jack connectors (2.5mm TRRS, 3.5mm TRS, and 4.4mm TRRRS), an expanded MMCX cable with 8 strands of monocrystalline silver-plated copper cable, an HB5 imitation leather storage case, a cleaning brush, and a special Final MMCX ASSIST MMCX detachment tool, along with the obligatory manual and audio jack swap cheat sheet.

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