Stax SR-X9000 headphones

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According to the Stax website, Stax’s “major technology advancement is the ‘MILER-3’ (Multi-Layer-Elect-Rords)—a four-layer fixed electrode combining mesh electrodes and conventional etching electrodes crimped together by thermal diffusion bonding. … The SR-X9000 diaphragm is made of ultra-thin engineering film that is 20% larger than the previous flagship SR-009S.” According to the Woo website, the diaphragm mass has been reduced “to create a lightning-fast reaction speed and more extended high-frequency response.”

On the SR-X9000, the Omega’s heavy enclosure has been replaced by a lighter, machined-aluminum one: Now the entire well-fashioned, superbly finished, open-backed headphone weighs just 432gm.


DALI Rubicon 6C Wireless floorstanding loudspeakers Review

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At the back of the Hub there are a series of physical inputs: analogue 3.5mm, stereo RCA, a digital coaxial and a pair of digital optical sockets. There are also stereo RCA pre-outs alongside a subwoofer pre-out, and (naturally enough) there’s a ‘Link/Connect’ button given due prominence. DALI has also included two expansion ports on the back of the Hub, allowing for later upgrades if and when they become necessary. Our review sample has one of its plug-in module slots occupied by a BluOS module that features an Ethernet socket and two USB inputs, and brings MQA certification with it too.

Arcam Home Theater Receivers & Processor Overview

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The core DAC technology is the same as the original ZEN DAC, using a Burr-Brown DAC chip that iFi favours for its natural-sounding ‘musicality’ and True Native architecture, combined with custom technology including bespoke XMOS firmware and digital filtering, and iFi’s GMT clock system to tackle jitter. Hi-res PCM is supported to 32-bit/384kHz, alongside DXD, and DSD64, 128 and 256. Thanks to the Burr-Brown chip’s True Native design, PCM and DSD take separate pathways – this enables both PCM and DSD to remain ‘bit-perfect’ in their native form. MQA is also supported (MQA rendering, like the original ZEN DAC, rather than full MQA decoding as performed by the ZEN DAC V2). Whilst simplified in comparison to the ZEN DAC V2’s fully balanced topology, the ZEN Air DAC’s analogue stage remains of exceptional quality at the price, with a symmetrical channel layout and audiophile-grade circuit components, including a custom op-amp offering ultra-low noise performance, and low-impedance power supply rails featuring Taiyo Yuden and Murata low-ESR inductors.

Nordost Valhalla V2 Ethernet Cable Review

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I remember the days when kilobytes were considered solid gold in computer terms. This goes back to the early eighties when with all the difficulties included I’ve had the luxury of getting a Sinclair ZX81 computer. At the time we’d dreamed of kilobytes. Buying this precursor to the spectacle called the Sinclair ZX Spectrum was as daunting as buying the additional ZX81 16K RAM. It cost about the same. 

A lot has happened since then and in a relatively short time. Not only do we store gigabytes of data, but we send and receive it every minute. 

You’ll be GOBSMACKED by this high-end audio collection!

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Woo WA33 Review 

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The Grado RS1x Reference Series Headphone is everything you expect in a reference headphone. Linear but not sterile, musical but not veiled, dynamic, detailed, open and airy but with deep bass extension, with a massive three-dimensional soundstage, and on top of that unbelievably light and comfortable that allows for hours-long listening sessions. They also represent an incredible value performing at a level comparable to headphones costing twice as much, though like all reference headphones you buy them for their unique sound rather than their price as compared to competitor offerings as there really is no competition in that aspect.

B&W 805 D4 Loudspeaker Review

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The baby model of B&W’s 800 Series D4 range needn’t feel overshadowed by its bigger, costlier siblings. Everything you’d expect of a range-topping speaker is here: glorious build quality, lush design and a sound performance that puts the price tag to the back of your mind. Usual caveats about scale and heft apply, but otherwise this is a triumphant new addition to the B&W stable. Budget for the stands too

CanJam Singapore 2022

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